Modern Millionaires Review Updated (Chance And Abdul): The War On Your Wallet!

In one of those stalker like targeting ads on YouTube, Chance Welton promotes his “modern millionaires” course by saying flipping leads is where the real money is. He elaborates, as all gurus do, and mentions that he and his partner Abdul Farooqi teach this lead flipping in their program. In an effort to appeal to an older crowd, they liken what they teach to billboard ads. They call them “online billboard ads” and they’ll be ran on Google, Facebook, and Instagram where you get leads for cheap and then flip them to small businesses for a profit. But what aren’t these guys telling you? How much does it cost? Keep reading for my full modern millionaire review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

There’s a lot of people out there that think modern millionaires is a scam. But technically it’s not. If you sign up with them, their only TRUE side of the bargain is that they give you the education to launch your own Officeless Agency, as they’ve branded it. The modern millionaires cost $6,000 for their lowest point of entry and offer no refunds. One might be able to make the argument that their program is overpriced I suppose…but ultimately that itself is subjective. My only real beef with them is their marketing to be honest. Their practices work, but Abdul and Chance clearly use all the elements of marketing that pull the levers of greed in every day folks like us by making it seem like you’ll hit 10k in just a few weeks.

But if the pretty high cost and annoying marketing hype doesn’t piss you off the way it does me, you are left with the makings of a legit online business model. Could you run an ad on Facebook for a towing company? Yes. Might there be a towing guy that pays for those leads? Yes. And if you could get the leads for $4 and then sell them for $8…you’d have a nice steady stream of income huh? Just 5 leads a day would get ya’ about $600 per month.

Speaking from personal experience, an example like that is actually realistic for the average joe. But when you see Chance and Abdul reference these thousands of dollars a month monthly clients they’ve landed…it’s merely an exception…not the rule. If it were me, I wouldn’t go in expecting a 3k monthly client right off the bat. But you could realistically stack small wins on top of each other. Something like 10 clients at $500 per month each would not only doable, but life-changing for most of us.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

To be honest though, I’d kinda wanna hear more about HOW you’d get business owners to pay ya’. And of course, they probably do cover that in their Modern Millionaires program. Personally, the only issue I see is keeping the lead cost down with Facebook and the overlord Zuckerberg. Not to mention there are countless other programs that teach how to run Facebook ads, how to scale your agency, and the whole nine. Top programs like Modern Millionaires already have thousands of students…they themselves have nearly 8,000. And each month they continue to add more.

That means millions of others just like you will be vying for the same trendy clicks. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that with all that competition ad costs will skyrocket over time. And when that happens, you can expect to see your profit margin shrink over time. We don’t have that problem though. Sure, we flip leads like Chance and Abdul, but instead of going the paid route, we get FREE traffic from Google. Sites that are pretty small, but rank easy in Google and the leads come to us. Then all we do is hand out samples (think digital costco) and let the business owners close themselves.

It’s pretty close to Modern Millionaires, but you’ll have more control; less competition; proven systems to close deals; higher profit margins; charge only a fraction of what they do; offer a full refund; and don’t try to wow you with in your face lambo and mansion marketing. But hey, don’t just take all that at face value. Click the link below, watch the videos, go through the FAQ’s, check out the case studies and do whatever you feel is right for you after that.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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