Monument Traders Alliance Review (Updated): Are Bryan and Karim Legit?

When you think of trading stocks, what’s the first that comes to your mind? 

Do you picture yourself investing in long-term mutual funds for the future, or do you think of those guys dressed in gaudy red and blue blazers running around like headless chickens on the floor of the stock exchange? 

Maybe you think of Gordan Gekko talking about how “Greed is good”, or Bud Fox being hauled off in handcuffs for insider trading. 

In this Monument Traders Alliance review, we’re going to tackle head-on their approach to trading stocks and the lost art of speculation to see if this is something that you should look at or maybe should steer clear from. 

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Monument Traders Alliance is a well-known company of experienced options traders in Baltimore that helps people who trade in the stock market. They give traders tools and tips to get better at trading and make smart choices.

This company believes that careful guessing (aka, smart speculation) can help traders have better success all while teaching traders how to be smart and avoid mistakes that are common in trading.

The people who started the company, Bryan Bottarelli and Karim Rahemtulla, are very good at what they do. Before starting his own advisory service, Bottarelli Research, Bryan Bottarelli graduated from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business, traded on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange and is great at options trading.

Karim Rahemtulla is an expert in LEAPS trading. He knows a lot about trading (including market swing trades) in America and international markets, and has written for The Oxford Income Letter.

The main goal of Monument Traders Alliance is teaching, analyzing, and giving tips that traders can really use.

Of course all of this sounds great, but is the Stock Trading road something you really want to start going down. 

I mean, if you’re the type of person who relates to any of the following, then trading might be a good fit: 

  • Profit Potential: Everyone knows that you can make money in stocks by buying low and selling high, and you can have better yields than your typical savings account, but the question is when is the right time to buy and sell. 
  • Control: You have a certain amount of control when trading stocks – no one has a gun pointed to your head or anything like that – but then again, you can’t control what other people do.  So I guess an element of psychology and market intelligence can be helpful. 
  • Diversification: You’ve heard the old saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? Well, the same applies to stock trading, or any other investing strategy for that matter. When you spread your money over multiple investments, you mitigate any losses to your portfolio. 

Now, trading isn’t for everyone, so if any of the following makes your anxious, then it’s probably not for you: 

  • Risk of Loss: Even though you stand to make a good amount of money by trading stocks, if you’re just starting out and barely have your head wrapped around the idea of a Bull and Bear Market, you could stand to lose quite a bit. 
  • Learning Curve: This is not something that you can just pick up by reading books or watching YouTube videos. You’ll need to have a good grasp on company research and that’s going to take time. 
  • Stress: Trading stocks will not only take a toll on you emotionally, but can be very taxing on you physically. It’s simply not the kind of business you want to get in if market fluctuations and downturns have you staring at the ceiling at night. 
Are Bryan and Karim Legit

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So, what does Monument Traders Alliance offer? 

It sounds like Monument Traders Alliance offers a comprehensive suite of services for options traders, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Here’s a summary of what MTA provides:

  1. Trade Alerts: MTA sends out alerts during the day with information about promising trades. These alerts typically include the stock’s name, its current price, and predictions about its future performance.
  2. Chat Room Access: Many of their services include access to chat rooms where members can interact with other traders. This platform allows for the exchange of tips and insights, fostering a community of learning and support.
  3. Educational Videos: MTA offers instructional videos that cater to a wide range of experience levels. These videos can be particularly beneficial for beginners, providing foundational knowledge and progressively advanced trading strategies.
  4. Paper Trading Recommendation: Understanding the risks associated with options trading, MTA advises newcomers to start with paper trading. This method allows members to practice trading strategies without financial risk, offering a safe environment to learn and experiment.
  5. Additional Resources: Members receive various tools and resources, such as special reports, research materials, cheat sheets, and new trading ideas. These resources can be invaluable for making informed trading decisions.
  6. ProfitSight Tool: MTA offers a unique trading tool called “ProfitSight,” which presumably aids in analyzing and selecting trades, although the specifics of how this tool works are not detailed.

How Much Does It Cost? 

Monument Traders Alliance offer 3 different programs: 

  • War Room: $7,500 per year. 
  • Insider Matrix: $5,000 per year. 
  • ProfitSight: $3,000 – $5,000 per year. 

Now, I’m going to assume that you’ll probably get your money’s worth if this is something you truly want to pursue. 

From what I gather, they offer a hands-on approach to learning as well as trading. But for me, this is just not the type of income I would want given all the stress that’s involved.  

I would rather have something that’s passive and stress-free. 

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