Fleet Builder Mentorship Review (Updated): Passive Income Guru Jose Moreno

Let’s face it. Is your typical 9-to-5 gig and steady paycheck not cutting it? You’re mentally spent from all that exertion. Time to follow this guy Jose Moreno. He has achieved the end goal that most of us strive for until our last breath: financial freedom. He was an everyday Joe grinding a typical 9-5 job till he rented his first car out. If he can make the waves, so can you. And even if you lack expertise, a car, or funds it’s fine. Here is why.

The Only Solution

He has worked his way up and now the hard work is paying off as he owns a 52-car fleet that brings a 6 figure income per year which most of us make later in life.

So you want to own your dream car and enjoy a smooth ride in those dream wheels leaving your TikTok followers jealous. Or do you wish to start your own business as a side gig? It could be that you are ready to free yourself from that tiring job with another source that makes more money. Who knew renting cars out was the right answer? Jose Moreno is the right person with the guidance to make you successful.

Picture this. A guy from San Francisco starts his side hustle with a standard edition Honda he got for $0 down. And in the snap of your fingers, his car-renting business is creating a passive income of $1600.

Jose’s choice of cars doesn’t crack his wallet. He owns a Honda, a Ford Focus, a Chevy Sonic, and other such cars that consistently bring in cash for him every month.

Talk about a real flex! Jose drives rides in his Lamborghini, Maybach, and Dodge Hellcat that he bought from his passive income generated by the car rental business.

Here is tip#1: Don’t empty your bank account just to get a blue Lambo to make profits in this industry.

Just insure the car that is sitting in your driveway. Rent it out on weekends and other days when no person uses it. Why not make passive income with this simple step?

Real results. Jose adds $1200 monthly on average to his bank account by renting his Ford Focus on the weekends. Impressive.

He explored the private car rental market and downloaded the Turo app assuming that you needed a luxury car or some other valuable vehicle to make it work. Nah. Regular people like us just need to get anything reasonably priced to get from A to B while cruising around town.

Tip#2 is simple. Don’t waste thousands of dollars on paid marketing campaigns. Instead, just reach out to your clients who want to rent cars online.

For starters, check out the Facebook group called “Los Angeles Travel Tips.” Huge, with almost 13K members. They’re dropping 10 posts each day. Why not spread some word about your car being available for rent if you’re living it up in LA? Oh yeah. You better believe it.

The tourists and locals in the city are always looking for affordable car rates to get them around to hotels, restaurants, and sightseeing spots. Reach out to them with a shoutout post in those groups telling them your available vehicle and daily rate with a link to your Turo listing. As per Jose, This is a neat trick to get business fast.

Tip#3: You’re worried your clients might prefer big car rental companies. You’re wrong. The reason is they’re charging way too much which gives you the chance to go easy on the pricing on the cars they like since your overhead’s way lighter than those big shots like Budget, Enterprise, or Hertz.

Who would choose to pay $73 for a Toyota Corolla if someone else is offering $57 a day? You do the math.

So you can grow with your side hustle like this, according to Jose.

Is Jose Moreno Legit

The Only Solution

What’s in it for you? This business offers up a solid cash flow and ROI, and the best part? Without breaking the bank or investing your energy 24/7, this business grows itself.

Keep it casual and operate on a small scale, or go all out and increase your car collection while engaging in short- or long-term rentals, like our guy Jose did.

He’s more than happy to show you the ropes. He’s got years of experience plus everything he’s learned from his two mentors who are pretty high up in the car rental game.

He’s all set to help you out from point A to Z. He has been in the car rental market for quite some time now so his hands-on experience and guidance from big shots of the car rental industry make him the right guy.

  • What type of car should you start with?
  • How to get it for no money down?
  • What about insurance?
  • What happens if the car gets damaged or totaled?
  • How to crush it on Turo?
  • Off of Turo?
  • Smartest way to scale up?
  • What about customer support?
  • Automation?
  • Cleaning and maintaining vehicles?

His Fleet Builder Mentorship program provides solid information as well as solid mentoring software on all of the above aspects. The price is not mentioned. Simply call to apply today.

I’m kinda feeling the offer, depending on Jose’s rates because he’s legit. Would I personally take it up? Nah. I’m more into cash flowing in from the online scene.

The Only Solution

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