NCO Success Academy Review (Updated): What’s Steven Foust Have To Offer You?

Steven Foust is basically an army professional.

And his goal is to help young adults in the army to continue to scale their careers.

This is specifically for non-commissioned-officers which there are surprisingly 24,000 of employed in the United States.

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  • Steven has both experience in the army and corporate world
  • The program is continuously updated over time
  • Membership is a fixed pricing
  • Supportive community
  • Private coaching is available for all


  • The program is still pretty new (2021)
  • There are no 3rd party review sources
  • No timeline for program completion

What Is NCO Success Academy?

NCO Success Academy is a program made for non-commissioned officers who are to expand in their career.

Being in the army and dealing with not getting promotions (or an increase in pay) can be extremely frustrating.

Steven, with both corporate and army experience aims to be able to help others make the leaps and bounds they’re wanting to make.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside The NCO Success Academy:

  1. Counseling training with over 150 templates for DA Form 4856
  2. NCOER Writer’s Blueprint with over 1,100 examples
  3. Awards Writing Bootcamp training with over 400 examples
  4. Promotion points training
  5. NCO Leader’s Book with Form Fillable PDF
  6. NCO Leadership Workshops (with new training added each month)
  7. Monthly live Zoom events
  8. Weekly group coaching calls
  9. Exclusive forum for members
  10. Unlimited private 1:1 coaching and Q&A with experienced NCOs and officers

How Much Does NCO Success Academy Cost?

The pricing seems straightforward…but as you’ll see in a second it’s actually confusing.

The monthly cost of the NCO Success Academy is $39.

The quarterly cost of the NCO Success Academy is $78

The yearly cost of the NCO Success Academy is $497

Do you guys see what I see?

The math ain’t mathin’.

Normally you’d expect each option to be cheaper over time, but it’s not.

The quarterly cost breaks down to $26 per month which sounds right…

But the yearly cost breaks down to $41.41 each month.

Why wouldn’t the year be like $240 or $20 per month?

Ultimately it’s not a huge deal because it’s not overly expensive…I just find it confusing.

Do I Recommend NCO Success Academy?

If you are a non-commissioned-officer then I would recommend this.

But if you’re not…this course would probably be the least beneficial option for you.

That said, even if you’re in the army I’d recommend even giving it a second thought…

Why continue to trade your time for money like this?

Why continue to push yourself for mediocre increases in pay that we both know will get outpaced by inflation every year.

See, I’d recommend looking into something that could work for you instead.

Something that’s able to put in the hours when you can’t.

If that sounds like something you might just be interested in…click the link below!

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