Practical Programmatic SEO Review (Updated): Is Ian Nuttall The Best SEO Guru?

If you’ve been looking for some tips on SEO lately you may have come across this guy Ian Nuttall.

He offers a whole bunch of different SEO related courses and softwares.

This one in particular is called Practical Programmatic SEO and costs a one time fee of $197.

There are no refunds, so make sure it’s worth it for you by reading my full Practical Programmatic SEO review!

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

So what’s the deal here?

Well here’s what you’ll get inside the course:

  • Fundamentals of Programmatic SEO
  • Population Data – No Code Case Study
  • Golf Courses – Low-Code WordPress Build
  • Building Programmatic Website with Webflow
  • Building Affiliate Product Review Site
  • Using AI to Build Programmatic SEO Websites
  • Setup Showcase – Real Programmatic SEO Sites
  • Programmatic SEO Masterclass

Now for $197 it’s not a bad deal in my opinion. I’m not gonna name names, but I know of lots of other programs that charge $997 or even $1997 for the same quality that Ian provides.

That means this is a stellar value!

Still, there are some general downsides.

For one thing, there’s no form of community or group support. All you get is the videos and you’re on your own.

For some people that wouldn’t be too bad, but I’d bet money that most people would at least want some form of support so that their questions could be answered if they have any.

At minimum a private forum would solve that problem with no added effort on Ian’s end.

It could be self sustaining.

How Much Does Practical Programmatic SEO Cost

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Another thing that’s kinda disappointing is that there’s no real access to Ian.

In fact, from what I gather he doesn’t even have an option for that even if you want to pay him more.

If it’s one thing I know when it comes to starting a business, especially an online business, it’s the need for mentorship.

You can only go so far by being self taught in videos.

You need someone that can guide you and be that support to lean on when you need it.

Other than that I find no real faults with the program itself. The business model however…that’s what I find an issue with.

SEO as a service isn’t exactly the best way to make money. Clients can leave you just about whenever they want. Leaving you nothing to show for your efforts over time.

That’s why I recommend Digital Leasing.

It’s a business model where you use SEO to YOUR advantage and leverage it nearly endlessly over the course of time on your own ASSETS.

Of course, you do need some coaching like I mentioned earlier so I won’t leave you high and dry.

If owning your own assets that you apply SEO to sounds interesting even in the slightest, check out what I’ve got for you down below.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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