Elevate By Oasis Review (Updated): Is This Affiliate Marketing Course Legit?

You may have seen this thing called Elevate By Oasis on a Facebook Ad as you were scrolling through your feed. “What is this thing” you might be wondering. Well long story short, it’s an affiliate marketing program/masterclass. But I know you’re looking for a bit more info. Scroll down for my full Elevate By Oasis review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

The ad starts out by asking “What would you do with total freedom?” I’ve seen these types of ads on my feed before too. They try to reel you in by getting you to open your mind and picture what that dream life would look like for you. Sneaky Sneaky huh? The Ad continues “What if you could build a simple, leveraged business by promoting other people’s products Imagine having the freedom of time, location, and financial independence. Because without all three, true freedom remains elusive.”

“Sure, your current job may provide a good income, but can you take off on a spontaneous trip to Hawaii tomorrow and spend two months exploring the islands?For most people, that’s a challenge. Why? Because they’re tied to a physical location or need to be available online during specific hours, answering to a boss. Some have financial freedom, others have location flexibility, and some have more time, but very few achieve all three levels of freedom. And because of that, many people never truly live out their dreams. Society tells us to chase money, but what about having the time and mental space to pursue our passions?”

“What about exploring the world? Imagine snorkeling with dolphins in Hawaii or watching breathtaking sunsets in the Maldives. What about island hopping in Bali or skiing in the French Alps? Everyone is so focused on surviving that they forget about truly living. But if you’re ready to break free from the golden jail cell, you need a vehicle that unlocks all three levels of freedom. And now after painting such a great picture, here’s their pitch.

Is Elevate By Oasis Legit

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

“Enter affiliate marketing, a business model that isn’t as saturated as dropshipping. With zero inventory, no customer service headaches, and minimal startup costs, affiliate marketing allows you to sell proven products created by others. You don’t need a massive audience, put your face out there, or sell strange products. Instead, you can partner with powerful, profitable, and scalable products that genuinely help people.”

“This simple business model can be automated, giving you the freedom to play the game of life on your terms. If you’re interested in learning more about this business model, how it works, the best products to partner with, and how to generate sales, we invite you to our brand new free training.” And with that, they urge you to click the link below to watch their masterclass where they’ll show you how to use the affiliate marketing business model to achieve that dream life of yours.

This masterclass is an hour long and you don’t even see anyones face. It’s just a total voice over. After that, you’re pushed to hop on a “accelerator session”. My guess is it’s gonna be some kind of sales call for you to buy a course that’s anywhere from a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars. I think you can probably pass on this one. Not a whole lot of trust and rapport is really built, and the affiliate marketing business model is saturated anyway. You’d be better off with something that has far less competition.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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