Tube Mastery And Monetization Review (Updated): Is Matt Par Legit?

Come on now, it’s crossed your mind at least once right? Starting a YouTube channel, getting views, and just straight up bank rolling off of that every single month. Unfortunately as you may have encountered, it’s not THAT easy to start a YouTube channel and get the money flowing in. In fact, given all the new rules…it’s pretty freakin’ difficult. But, Matt Par appears to have all the answers you need. In my Matt Par review you’ll find out if it’s legit and just how much coin it’ll cost ya. Let’s dive in!

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Matt’s a young gun if you couldn’t already tell. He started his first youtube channel at just 14 years old! Something as simple as recording stunts with his friends in his grandparents backyard. With his first channel being a success, Matt decided “hey, why don’t I just start up another one?” and honestly…who wouldn’t? This time though he opted to not put his face on it. But hey, wouldn’t that effect his ability to monetize on it? Apparently not. To date, Matt Par has 9 different channels that he manages besides his two main channels.

The other channel you might know him from is his “make money Matt”. On that one he doesn’t give away too much info…as he pretty much just uses it to pitch and sell his tube mastery and monetization program. And who can blame him? At the end of his first year doing YouTube, he made a $574. At the end of his 6th year, he made a whopping 1.2 million dollars. Pretty crazy huh?

So what exactly do you get with his tube mastery and monetization program? He’ll show you how to pick your niche, set your channel up for success, optimize your videos, grow your channel, monetize it, and outsource all the annoying little tasks so that your time is more freed up.

Matt Par Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

So, is Matt Par a scam? As surprising as it might be in a world of 20 year old grifters left and right, Matt Par is not a scammer. Sure, some people may have some negative feedback, but you’ll find that with just about everyone. Even Mother Theresa had some haters. And no, not to compare Matt to her by any stretch of the means, just giving you perspective.

Who is this program for? Well, really anyone that wants to make money on YouTube specifically. This course would also be a wise investment for affiliate marketers looking to expand their audience into another platform. Even though google adsense doesn’t pay out like it did in the good ole day, it’s still money in your pocket.

Ok, now for the brass tax…how much does tube mastery and monetization cost? You can get your hands on it for $997. Not a bad offer in my opinion. But would I buy? Absolutely not. Look, no shade thrown Matt’s way…but YouTube is not nearly as easy to make a breakthrough in anymore. In fact, as of 2020 YouTube changed its monetization requirements and adsense started to tank. Did you know it now takes 1,000,000 views just to make $7,000…ask any big YouTuber how much money it takes to generate that 1,000,000 views lol. Why do you think they all sell merch now? They’ve gotta pay the bills somehow. So it’s a no go for me. I prefer running a business that doesn’t have so much competition and a platform that won’t ever reduce my pay on a whim.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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