Residual Payments Forbes Review (Update): The War On Your Wallet!

The power couple behind Residual Payments is David and Patricia carlin. You might be here because they were featured on Forbes and you want more info on them. So basically, yes, they were both on Forbes. Patricia Carlin is on the Forbes business council and has been since 2016. How do you become a member? All ya gotta do is prove you’ve made $1,000,000 a year in revenue and pay them $2,000 per year. Scroll down for my full review.

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Her Forbes Council profile lists her business as Patricia Weber Consulting Inc. And the website as from Utah. Her bio is short and sweet: “In the infancy of online payment processing (the time when only adult websites, cams, and chat lines were transacting online), I played a significant role in helping the key players in some of the most recognized brands launch their online payments and merchant service platforms.”

It continues: “The high risk arena may have started with adult websites, but it has since branched out to cover extensive products, services, and offerings. Merchants in these industries [such as] trial, dating, direct selling, memberships, seminars, counter culture, and other mid-to-high-risk businesses, come to me to help them establish stable payment processing and implement the right combination of tools and solutions to ensure their bottom line (and merchant account) is protected and can grow properly.”

“Unlike the very mechanical merchant account provider/merchant relationship that is now common in the industry, you are not purchasing a ‘machine’ to handle your payments. With a direct plug into the card brands and a payments consulting arm of our business, myself and my team are able to remove the additional layers of people who will work on your account,” Patricia adds.

Patricia and David Carlin

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

“With nearly two decades of experience in payments and a direct sponsorship with the card associations, I am certain that I can save you a substantial amount of money in processing fees and improve your overall payment processing solution. Augment your lean team with a strategic growth-minded payments expert. You need to make payments a part of your strategic growth,” her bio concludes.

Patricia has written about 4 articles as of the time of this writing since becoming a Forbes Council member. She’s written about AI in the digital payments industry, chargebacks, and what merchants should consider when transacting internationally. Even though she really just bought her way onto Forbes like everyone else, it does make her legit. Assuming Forbes does a pretty solid run through of their financial claims.

We know Forbes isn’t the end all be all though considering some of the gurus in there are super suspicious. But I honestly don’t think Patricia and David are the shady type. They just made a business move to pay Forbes to up their value in the marketplace. No doubt, this has helped their own personal residual payments business as well, increasing their residual income exponentially for sure. I just wish it wasn’t so easy for the frauds to get into Forbes business council. Personally I think Forbes is a slut for money and handing out their name to anyone with a card to swipe.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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