Creative Testing Mastery Review (Updated): Is Will Perry Legit?

Looking to get started in the online ads game huh?

If I were to guess, it’s probably because you’re looking to get out of your 9-5 and control your time again.

Something like running ads for small businesses might just be your ticket out right?


So, is Will Perry legit? What’s inside Creative Testing Mastery? And how much does it cost?

Scroll down for my full Creative Testing Mastery review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Let me first start off by saying Will Perry is a legit dude.

He’s got over 15 years of digital marketing experience and has a bunch of social proof to show for it unlike some of the other guys out there.

See, with ad campaigns it’s really important that you know what you’re doing.

It’s not as simple as just turning on a campaign and having results flood in.

In fact, you need to be very cautious of ad spend. Whether it’s Facebook, Google, TikTok, Instagram, or any other social platform…they won’t care as much about your money as you do.

That said, you have to find the formula that works.

That’s what ad creative testing is all about.

In the creative testing masterclass, Will Perry aims to teach you how to win ad creative testing and also when to acknowledge losing ad creative tests.

After all, you don’t wanna just keep burning you and your clients money right?

Now let’s take a look at what you get inside:

  • Creative Testing Mastery’s Testing Framework
  • 5 Creative Testing
  • Creative Testing Mastery’s SVST System of Testing
  • How to Optimize Scroll-Frame
  • Isolation of Ad Variable
  • 10+ Hours’ worth of Testing SOP videos (TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn).

And as a bonus you’ll receive:

  1. Avatar Research Workbook
  2. Elite Media Buyers Slack Channel
  3. Templates for Hooks and Headlines
  4. SOP Booklet with over 200+ pages
  5. Elite Media Buyer Academy Trainings

That looks like a sizeable chunk of information there.

The bonuses are a nice touch too.

But how much does it all cost?

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Creative Testing Mastery Costs $1,997.

Of course, there will be some discounts applied to knock that down a couple hundred bucks if you do decide to buy.

So what are my thoughts on it all?

Well look…Will Perry is a great dude and I seriously respect his mission here.

But I can’t recommend the program.


It’s more a dig at the business model than Will’s course.

You see the ads game is ever changing. And they’re coming out with new rules on a whim what feels like every single night.

Simply put, what works today might get you banned tomorrow.

And good luck getting any of the platforms to lift your account suspension…they’re still using the Covid excuse for their slow response times…

This pretty much means you could be absolutely crushing it for yourself and your client one day, and it all disappear the next through no fault of you, Will, or your client.

I guess it’s the true lack of control that bothers me most.

So what do I recommend instead?

Digital Leasing.

You see, with digital leasing you control it all.

You never have to worry about paying for ads for one, and two, you never have to worry about getting your livelihood taken down due to some new random rule.

You also have a higher profit margin with this business than you would with ads since those prices are ALWAYS going up.

But enough about that for now, if you’re interested, click the link below.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024