Partner Program Review (Updated): Is Sasha Stanojlovic Legit?

Sasha Stanojlovic and Jovan Stojanovic are the two dudes that built up PhoneSales. They’re a couple of dudes that mainly just close high ticket deals. Deals ranging anywhere from $5k-$200k so that they can ensure fat commissions for themselves. The ad doesn’t start off well though. It contradicts their own headline. Instead of 5k priced items they say they only do $20k and higher. And instead of 200k being their peak, the ad says 100k. Maybe they need to lighten up on the exaggerations…

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For you to even be considered to be a member on their team, you have to have a proven track record of closing deals worth at least $10,000. With money like this on the table, Sasha and Jovan can’t afford to have B level players on their team that fold at the first objections they hear on the phones. So why do clients want to work with Simple. Sasha and Jovan don’t charge a single red cent until a deal is actually closed. They setup the calendar and do all the necessary pre-call with an appointment setter, follow ups, and call transcriptions, pushing it right across the finish line.

They also do a whole bunch of other things besides the main sales part. In other words, all the gurus that decide to work with them aren’t giving up any equity and aren’t taking any risk. They only have to pay a commission once the sale is made. So now this is where you’d come in. always has calendars that are way too pack with never enough sales guys to come in and take the calls. You could join their team, work remotely, and knock out a couple thousand per day in commissions. All you need apparently is your phone.

“When you start taking calls for us,” Jovan says, “we will literally get you a personal assistant. I closed a lot of deals [before launching PhoneSales]. That’s one thing that I know how to do. But I didn’t like to go back and forth with prospects before the call; I didn’t like to update my CRM; I didn’t like to take care of hundreds of different things. So I don’t want my closers to do that either. So what we have is basically an assistant – someone who will be there for you and help you out with everything that you need.”

Sasha And Jovan Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

“If you need to follow up with Roger, who you talked to three months ago,” Jovan continues, “you can just say, ‘Hey, Jonathan (for example – your assistant), please, check my call with Roger.’ And he can go into our software, pull up the call from three months ago, and everything is broken down in extreme detail. He can review the call, see a full analysis, and he knows exactly what happened with Roger. Right? And then he can easily send him an email or an SMS follow up. And that’s one of the huge benefits.”

From what I can tell, it doesn’t look like it costs anything to join It’d be kinda shady if they did to be honest. So how much could you expect to make with them? Well getting 10% per high ticket sale is the industry standard, and if you close a $30,000 package…that’s 3k straight into your pocket. But I’m sure Sasha and Jovan do take some of your cut, and not everyone that buys is gonna pay off right away, so you’ll be getting that money over the course of their payment plan.

Don’t forget, not everyone is gonna show up to the call either. Even if they say they will, they might be one of the “no-shows”. Then there’s the people that get cold feet and want refunds…that’ll come out of your pocket too. So sure, it could be a decent way to make an extra $5-10k per month without starting your own business, but I wouldn’t expect to be taking two calls a day from the beach and making more money than a plastic surgeon. You are gonna have to grind for a while. The last thing I’ll mention is this: Who the hell is selling programs for 100k price tags? And are you sure that you wanna be the person responsible for taking someones money when they can’t get the marketed results?

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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