Passive Income Formula Review (Updated): Is Brandon Poulin Legit

Here we go again, there’s another young dude flaunting his lambo in front of everyone online stuck at their 9-5. You didn’t think you’d be able to go through you social media feed without getting pitched about being rich did ya? “I went from missing out on half a million dollars in passive income, to creating a consistent seven-figure-a-year passive income stream for me and my family,” he says. “I’m the cofounder of Passive Income Formula. I’m a believer [here we go again], husband, a father of two amazing daughters. I’m an award-winning entrepreneur.”

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“I’ve done over $200 million in just my last company alone,” he states as he can’t help but brag on himself just a little bit. “I have an eight figure net worth [8 figure net worth huh? You really expect us to believe you’re playing around with little ads like this when you’re supposedly on Warren Buffets level?] with passive income investments that make me over seven-figures a year. Now all of that’s fine and dandy, and I honestly hate talking about it [so why bring it up?], but the best part about all of it? Is making sure my family’s taken care of no matter what.”

So who is this guy really? Brandon and his wife have actually been in the “guru” industry for a while now. His wife Kaelin had a brand called LadyBoss where they sold courses and coaching for weight loss (a pretty big niche as you can imagine). After a while of raking in awesome profits, they wound up selling this brand to the infamous Clickfunnels founder Russel Brunson for a fat stack of cash. Which hey, at least they weren’t selling the “passive income” idea from the start. But let’s be real here, there’s still something about this Brandon guy that gives me that snake oil salesman guru vibe. Still, Brandon claims that him and Jim Dew (his financial partner) can help you reach your goals.

Just like you, Brandon was in the same spot you were once. That feeling of being trapped, working endless hours, knowing that he had to exit the rat race somehow if he ever wanted to live his dream life. But how would this be possible? Could anyone coach him out of it? He felt as though everyone had their own secret agenda and wanted something nefarious out of him. “Join my apartment syndication.” “Sink your money into this mutual fund,” they’d say. Right? He just couldn’t trust anyone, so he did what 99% of other people do…nothing…and just paid down his house while stacking cash where he could.

Is Brandon Poulin Legit

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Unfortunately he learned about investing the hard way. While he may have done the “smart thing” and invested his money in stocks, what he (and lots of others) failed to realize is that those investments are riddled with fees and commissions that come out of his pocket. “Now, I know that these were some of the worst possible things I could’ve done,” Brandon says. “And those uneducated decisions cost me over half a million dollars in passive income that I could’ve made during that time. [well you know what they say…hindsight’s 20/20] I took the hard road, lost hundreds of thousands in opportunity costs.”

Soon after all that, Brandon decided to get an arm tat that makes him stick out while spending hours, days, and weeks studying all the secret principles of investing and wealth building. In doing so, he started to surround himself with all the right people which has led to him having an extremely strong financial fortress. And he believes he can show you those exact same ways to build up passive income streams. He’s done it, Jim’s done it, and together they’ve done this more than 200 times for their high net worth clients…building up their very own dream lifestyles and residual income in the process.

“Now that we’ve both achieved that goal, we wanna help you do the same,” Brandon pitches. “And that’s exactly why we’ve created our Passive Income Freedom Blueprint. Inside, we’ll pull back the curtain on the top little-to-no-money-down, semi-passive investments; fully-passive investments; and tax-saving strategies that big banks and financial institutions of America don’t want you to know about. And we’ll never receive a referral, a kickback, or a commission from any investments or strategies that we teach.” Ok, so what’s the catch? What’s he really selling here? And how much is the upfront investment? Apparently Brandon says you don’t have to worry about any of that…sure…I trust him like I trust elections…

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

John Reed: As a fellow patriot who’s disillusioned with the 9-5 “American Dream”, I’ve grown to loathe the self-help and “guru” industry.
And here’s what pisses me off about the industry.