The Productize Course Review (Updated): Is There Any Truth To James Sowers Claims?

The Productize Course is an online program that aims to teach freelancers, founders, and entrepreneurs in general how to productize their business and get away from “billable hours”.

The idea here is that you find a service that you can create a process for and then hire out someone to do that for your clients.

James believes it basically comes down to marketing.

But is there value here? Is this business model sustainable? And how much does the Productize course cost?

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James Sowers isn’t even actually the founder of the company, that’d be Sam Shepler.

In fact, James just bought this company from Sam in October 2022…so to me…that means James is a little wet behind the ears.

At the core of this program is marketing.

It teaches you how to determine which of the services you are able to offer is repeatable and how to effectively reach your audience so that they buy.

Personally, it sounds like freelancing just with extra steps.

While the productized service model appears as though it takes you from “freelancer” to “owner” the truth is that you’re mainly shifting your income style.

Instead of charging per hour of work…you start charging by service.

And frankly…you don’t need a course to tell you how to do that…you could just watch some videos on YouTube that’d give you a good idea on how much you should charge.

There problem solved.

How Much Does The Productize Course Cost

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

The Productize Course costs $499 one time and you do have access to a 30 day refund policy if you don’t think this is best option for you.

After all, it kinda probably isn’t.


Well look, it still has you chasing after clients through your marketing. It’s not like people are just coming to you begging for your new service.


See, I think it’d be better if you had people coming to you…asking how they could do business with you…

But how?

Something I like to call digital leasing.

It’s where you OWN an ASSET that has value pouring into it every day.

And there’s many ways to do this, but from experience I’d say it takes the form of little websites you rank on google for service based businesses.

Something like roofing.

When you have a call come in, pass it off to your local guy and let him take it from there.

If it works out and he makes some money, ask to see if you guys can make it mutually beneficial. After all…it was your asset that brought him the money in the first place.

Then it’s just rinse and repeat over and over until that passive income stacks up.

And see that’s another thing with a productized service business…it’s never even close to passive.

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My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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