Profit Automation Pros Review (Updated): They Seriously Have An Actor Promoting It?

How nice would it be if you could have an ecommerce store fully built out for you?

Something that is turn key and ready to go…all the hard work has already been done.

Of course, all you’d be responsible for is fronting the cash for the inventory. But that’s a fair bargain I think we’d all agree.

So is that what you’re getting with Profit Automation Pros?

Absolutely not. Scroll down for my full Profit Automation Pros review.

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What Is Profit Automation Pros?

There is a bit of controversy surrounding this program in particular.

When doing some research you’ll find it very similar to an older program called Online Cash Machine.

If you do a side by side of their 4 offers, you’ll find them remarkably similar.

The goal of Profit Automation Pros is to help you set up your own store for something that’s like a love child of affiliate marketing and ecommerce.

So do they help you achieve that by running a D4U automation system that requires a bunch of cash up front?

Not really.

With Profit Automation Pros you have 4 different offers, none of which are D4U.

In fact, they’re really cheap…but we’ll get to that later.

Who Owns Profit Automation Pros

If you thought that the guy in the video named “Mike Harrison” was the owner, I don’t exactly blame you.

After all, why would such a sharply dressed man lie to you?

Now while he wasn’t exactly lying…he was acting…his real name is MJ Wolfe. He has a whole IMDB page and everything that you could look up.

The real owners are Christopher Hattery and Javan Robinson.

If you look them up on social media, it’ll become apparent quite quickly why they hired a guy like MJ to be the face of their online program.

Chris has 20 years of experience in web design and building ecommerce stores.

Javan adds his value to the mix by having experience in affiliate and email marketing.

Combined, they’ve been able to create these 4 different offers which today is known as Profit Automation Pros.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

How Much Does Profit Automation Pros Cost And What’s Inside?


The first offer you’ll see is their $17 standard package.

In this package you’ll receive “enhanced marketing solutions” and a “customized strategy blueprint”…whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Next you have their $27 pro package where you’ll, in addition to the standard package, receive simplified marketing methods and support from successful dropshippers.

If you haven’t already noticed…these are pretty vague.

After pro, you’ll be offered the $37 essential package.

You’ll get everything from the first two + sophisticated dropshipping guides and tailored marketing strategies delivered straight to you.

And finally you have the premium package for $47.

Here you’ll receive everything from the first three + a free consultation and business plan and exclusive access to top tier tools and resources.

Is Profit Automation Pros Worth It?

Personally…I don’t think so.

For one thing I think that the name is a bit misleading. If something has “automation” in the name, I’d expect their to be some form of D4U service attached.

The next thing I’m not a fan of is the use of an actual actor that pretends to be the owner of the company.

If you’re proud of your product, why is that necessary?

Another thing I don’t like is the apparent lack of Profit Automation Pros reviews. You can’t seem to find many people talking about it online aside from their sales page.

And I’ve gotta be honest…it sounds like they’re reading off a script. If they’ve hired one actor…is it that hard to believe they’d hire others?

Finally the last thing I don’t like is the offers themselves.

They’re extremely vague.

From the sounds of it, it seems like you’ll just be getting access to a bunch of PDFs.

Of course, the “premium” offer you’ll get a consultation, but my gut says that might be a pitch to a higher ticket program.

I just don’t think the value is there.

How Would I Recommend Making Money Online In 2024?

Look, even if I don’t recommend this specific ecommerce course doesn’t mean you should go along and find another ecommerce course.

Because here’s the truth.

I don’t recommend ecommerce as a whole anymore.


Two reasons:

  1. It’s way too saturated
  2. Profit margins are way too small

If you break past the glass ceiling of 5 figures in monthly revenue, you’re only looking at an 8-10% take home.

So if your store does $20,000 one month…congrats…you pocket $2,000.

And that’s barely enough to just cover rent these days.

Not sustainable IMO.

But digital leasing is.

What’s that?

It’s a business model where you won’t have to deal with dodgy suppliers, customers always asking for refunds on late items, and small profit margins.

Perhaps the best part?

You won’t have to worry about saturation.

If you wanna check it out, click the link below!

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024