Prosper Trading Academy Reviews – Scott Bauer (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

If you’re looking to up your strategies with options trading, Scott Bauer wants you to to try his “limited time” quick start guide that has your name on it. “So I have taken all of my experience over the last 25+ years and put it into three magic steps,” he says in his YouTube ad. “What is the goal of those three magic steps? It’s obviously to maximize your profits. But just as importantly, it is to minimize risk.”

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From a high level view, it does appear as if Scott Bauer is the real deal. He got started on the CBOE back in ’92 and even became the VP of Goldman Sachs. He’s been on CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg, and TD Ameritrades Network. And to be honest, he doesn’t give of the shady vibe the other trading guru’s I’ve reviewed have.

But after some quick digging, it appears my perception might be wrong. First red flag? Well, when I signed up for the quick start guide through his YouTube ad, it never came. Maybe he had email issues that day, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt…but I did feel a bit played. Especially since right after I plugged my info in he redirected me over to the Options Power Session webinar that I barely made it in time to see. And when I tried to register, guess what, the form wouldn’t load.

I won’t lie, by this point I was pretty pissed off. I understand tech issues. Lord knows nothing’s perfect 100% of the time online, but this felt different. So I took to Google and started digging more. I thought I would find a bunch of positive reviews on Scott Bauer, but I was wrong. All I found were complaints and another negative Prosper Trading Academy review, which is a shame because I really thought he was the real deal with all those credentials.

Scott Bauer Review

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Take the BBB for example, the Prosper Trading Academy LLC has an A+ rating and solid seemingly consumer review at that by Larry C. “I signed up for a one year contract and paid $2,500. I watched, listened, and practiced for three months before I ever put any of my money in play. He [Scott] explains the trade and sends out emails explaining the trade. All very helpful to a novice.”

But Larry’s tone quickly shifted when he started trading real money. In fact, he even followed Scott’s instructions to the T. “In two months, I lost 66% of [my] money and somehow nearly every trade was a loser,” he explained. “Even the law of averages says I should break even on a few. Nope. I did get knowledge, but it was far too costly. I could have flipped a coin and done better.” Ouch.

A whole bunch of redditors were skeptical as well. Most of the reasoned that the way Scott Bauer really got rich was by selling his “how to get rich trading” course. Now of course, some of those people on reddit hadn’t even bought Prosper Trading Academy, so keep that in mind.

Trustpilot has a more positive outlook. 88% of people gave Scott a 5 star rating. But, they don’t seem believable. For one, the names are super generic. Two, no profile pics. Three, Prosper Trading Academy was the only thing they reviewed. Four, they had no specifics…just short positive responses like “Great support!” and “Best company!” Or, “I’ve grown my account with their training. God bless them!”

At this point I’m no longer interested in Scott Bauer’s Prosper Trading Academy. All the tech issues, unhappy students, and possible fake reviews on Trustpilot just turn me off. It’s a shame, I really thought he was the real deal at first.

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