The Rainmaker Challenge Review – Chelsey And Stephen (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

The Rainmaker Family has more than one income stream. Their personal favorite though? Amazon FBA. Think about, most of us go and spend a bunch of money on Amazon. What if you made it work for you though? What if you could actually make more than you spend on that platform? That’d be pretty cool right? Stephen will tell ya’ that there’s a few different ways you can earn money from Amazon, but FBA seems to work best for people in similar situations to him with families. So how do you start? Is it worth it? Read on for my full Rainmaker Challenge review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Essentially all FBA really is, is you finding out which products sell well on Amazon. This is pretty easy thanks to the plethora of softwares out there for this. After you have your product idea, all you gotta do is find a manufacturer to get it for ya at a price that makes sense for everyone. After that, ship it to Amazon’s warehouses. From there, just list the product on Amazon and they’ll take it from there.

After you got it all running, you’ll start to receive a nice passive income check from Amazon each month. Stephen then makes it a point to tell you just how much something like this is growing and references how they’ve outgrown 14 of the largest retailers and had over 150M prime subscribers. That’s pretty nuts huh? 150M people not only buying, but paying a recurring fee to do it!

Now of course, Stephen will saw no to this next line of questioning, but it has to be asked: Doesn’t everyone already know about Amazon FBA? And if it’s not already saturated, won’t it be soon because of all the other gurus selling courses on it? What anyone can’t deny is that Amazon has over 2.5M active sellers. 6M products are sold each day. Which comes out to Jeff Bezos making about $10,000 each second. Damn…

Rainmaker Family

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Trying to use those stats to his advantage, Stephen asks if you think it’s possible for you to just get a couple hundred bucks per day of that. He believes it’s possible. Not only for him or Chelsey, but for people like you too. He says that his Rainmaker Family Community sees families everywhere earning an extra $100-$300 per day. And here’s another fun fact. More than half of Amazons sales come from small businesses like this.

I won’t lie, Stephen and Chelsey do a pretty good job at pitching this whole thing. But I’m missing out on a bit of the specifics to comfortable…For example, what’s that proprietary softwares name? How do you even get these products? What’s the deal about labeling? How do you get your listing above everyone else? And don’t forget about getting real reviews, they don’t teach you to get fake ones do they? How much are paid ad expenses gonna run me?

Well hopefully they’ll answer those in the Rainmaker Challenge? In the 7 day challenge you’ll get 7 modules from their $6,000 Rainmaker Academy program. This will cost ya only $37 to start. You could get their workbook for an additional $47, but why would you need to since it’s all virtual? Honestly, I think they are indeed legit. But I just don’t wanna get roped into something where I know they’re gonna try to get me to fork over $6,000 at some point.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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