RevX Detail Review (Rev Xccelerator Program Updated): Is Ricky Legit?

Ricky is the owner of RevXDetail. It’s a company that helps auto detailers earn more money by generating more leads for themselves. It’s a simple skill that will help you earn money fast.

He believes that if you want to start a detailing business or have one already, you can make an extra $500-1000 in just 6 weeks or less.

Sure it might sound a bit out there…but let’s give the kid a chance. Scroll down for my full Rev Xccelerator program review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Here’s what Ricky DOESN’T want you to do:

  • Serving the low-end market
  • Working with penny pinchers
  • Winging everything (not using processes and systems)
  • Relying on word of mouth
  • Hoping somehow the business grows

And why doesn’t he want you to do all that? Because he doesn’t! He has his own detailing business in Texas and surprisingly he’s only 21.

Shoot, I mean when I was 21 I was still getting put through the ringer at college and the BS over there.


Ricky says “Imagine being in control of your own lead gen“.

With this, you won’t have to worry about referrals that never come, ads that crap out and don’t convert, or bad weather that ruins your chance at awesome jobs.

Not only that, but what if you had a effective hiring process that churned out quality long term employees?

If you could success at those things, don’t you think you at minimum double your current revenue?

Of course you would! Probably without breaking a sweat.

So what’s his big secret? Apparently door knocking…yeah I imagine most of you felt a wave of disappointment with that one…

“I know that sounds questionable,” Ricky admits.

“You might think it’s out of style. Who does that these days? Will it really work? Well, the results speak for themselves,” he says.

Ricky uses industries like solar, pest control, security systems, and others as successful industries that have made billions with door knocking.

Ricky RevX Detail Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Thanks to all the people working from home now, all you gotta do is target richer neighborhoods. You know how many 45 year old baldies want their Porsche looking showroom new? A lot.

These old timers know the value in mobile auto detailers. None of them want to wait over an our at an auto spa. And they for sure don’t want to spend hours in the heat doing it themselves. That’s where you come in.

It just flat out works and converts.

Ricky claims that door knocking is the exact reason he’s been so successful.

And he decides to prove it too. He shows his packed calendar and how he has receipts for $1300-$2400 per day.

So with money like that, it’s no stretch that he can hire great workers with all that cash coming in.

But there is a few buts…

Door knocking is not for the faint of heart. Not only do you have to have the courage a proud owner should have, but you’ll need the skills to fulfill the service quality you’re selling.

As long as you have 4 star rating on Google, Rick thinks you might be a good fit for his Rev Xccelerator program with his friends Julio and Maddie.

(So apparently you do need an established small business. In his ad, he said you didn’t.)

Ricky doesn’t just plaster the pricing to work with his RevX Detail team everywhere. In fact, you actually have to book a call with them. Those two things combined make me believe that’s it’s probably pretty expensive ($5k+).

I could care less though. I’d rather be dragged in the dirt by a horse for 3 hours than go knock on doors to try and land customers.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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