Invest With Roots Review (Updated): Is Daniel Dorfman Legit?

Daniel Dorfman is the head hancho of Roots. It’s an investing company that puts a pretty neat spin on the game of real estate investing.

They just flat out understand it.

Look these days investing in real estate is tough. Interests rates continue to skyrocket. Prices continue to go up. It almost defies all laws of logic. Combined, these all make real estate nearly impossible to jump into. Unless you listen to Daniel…

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Fun fact: Just about 90% of people couldn’t get started even if they wanted because they’re not accredited.

And by some stroke of luck let’s say you DO get an investment property…managing it all yourself absolutely sucks. Not to mention if you pick a management company, your cash flow goes bye bye.

But Roots seems to have a solution. With the Roots real estate investment fund, you’ll be able to invest as little as $100 as a non-accredited investor. That’s great news for non accredited investors!

Over the last 12 months this fund has increased by 16% thanks to the tens of millions that have been poured into it. Very awesome growth considering investments like stocks and crypto are tanking.

They make it super easy to start. We’re talking just 5 minutes to sign up. All you gotta do is fill out the tax info, give them your bank account info, fill out the investor form, and decide how much you wanna invest with them.

Roots then takes your money and uses it to go out and buy more homes to place tenants in. And it gets better…

“We understand the impact that owning and investing in real estate can make on a person’s life,” CEO Daniel Dorman says. “Both mentally and financially. We believe that everyone should have that opportunity. That’s why Roots is available for everyone.”

“Including the residents who live in our homes. Imagine owning real estate where the resident living in the home is your partner and wants it to succeed as much as you do,” Daniel explains.

That’s pretty freakin dope! As long as they pay rent on time, and don’t trash the place, they’ll get “rental rebates” and can invest WITH you side by side!

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So to kinda conclude here, you invest with roots, roots takes the money and buys investment properties, manages said properties, and keeps the properties safe with their “live in it like you own it” program.

This is probably my favorite investment fund just because it’s so wholesome.

Roots is all about fostering a win-win ecosystem.

Up until now, the land lord – renter dynamic has been far too negative. Roots wants to fix that by aligning both land lord and renters to both of their financial benefit. Everyone has the same goal.

But don’t get it twisted. This is not a rent-to-own program. It’s an own while you rent program.

“At Roots,” Daniel closes with, “we invest with our wallets and our hearts. And we invite you to do the same.”

Now the one thing you need to think about is that Roots does recommend you keeping your money with them for at least a year. Now sure, you can cash out your money invested quarterly if needed. Your distributions will be paid out each quarter and you can reinvest them back into the fund to continue growing it.

You can also dollar cost average into the fund. Some people like to pay into the fund monthly or even quarterly as it best benefits them and their goals

Now how is the fund performing? Well over the course of its life it’s up by 32%. That’s a huge win if you compare that to the S&P which is down 6% and crypto which is down 21% over the same period.

It sounds like a great deal honestly. And that’s because the Roots investment community is a great way to slowly build wealth!

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