Royston G King Review (Updated): Is His Copy/Paste Ecom Store Legit?

You may have seen Royston G King on your Facebook feed lately promoting his ecommerce training. He says that if you copy and paste his strategies you can make $10-$30k per month. “This is a brand new opportunity no one else is sharing, using 100% free marketing to make sales” Royston says. Is it legit? Scroll down for my full Royston G King review.

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His Facebook ad is pretty short and concludes by him promoting his free training that he wants you to go check out. Of course for you to get that free training you have to give him your name, email, and phone number. Sheesh, does he want us to give out our social security number too? Seriously, what’s with all the gurus wanting our number these days. Don’t we get hit up by spam enough?

When you get to his “free training” page after filling in all your personal information, you are met with just a classic Click Funnels sales page. The headline reads “COPY PASTE OUR NEW 100% AUTOMATED $10K-$30K+/MONTH ECOMMERCE ONLINE BUSINESS IN 45 DAYS WITHOUT EXPERIENCE!” right…This just seems like all the other courses that make it sound way easier than it actually is. Let’s take a look at his video.

He starts off by rehashing his pitch saying “you won’t find this information literally anywhere else” and “this is an absolute gold mine”. As he is holding his Click Funnels 7-figure award to try and boost his authority. And while it may be true that he’s generated 7-figures, it’s probably been through his course sales…not necessarily ecommerce like he implies. Let’s continue.

Royston G King Ecom

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“You don’t have to spend a single dollar to acquire a customer either” Royston adds. Of course that’s true. No one HAS to spend a dollar on acquiring customers for ecommerce, however the probability for that is EXTREMELY unlikely. Again, this sounds like classic guru pitching. Taking an outdated business model (ecommerce) and putting lipstick on it like an old pig to try and sell it.

What do his testimonials have to say though? Someone named Ali had this to say Definitely not fake.. can be trusted.. I’d love to suggest Roy as a mentor to start your online businesshmmm that doesn’t seem sketchy at all. Why is that some of these testimonies have to emphasize so hard that the guru isn’t a scammer? Gurpreet says “Royston’s very supportive, always giving good response, his course includes everything we need.. definitely recommend to others” I don’t know about you, but most of these testimonials sound scripted.

No word on how much Royston G King’s training cost. Odds are though it’s at least $2997 because you’ll have to hop on a call with one of his sales guys for a “strategy session” where they’ll be going hard after that commission. Honestly there’s nothing Royston offers here that I’d be afraid of missing out on. If I wanted to go the ecom route though I’d probably choose Anton Kraly as a mentor to be honest. But I don’t even really prefer ecom, check out what I’m doing down below.

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