Mike Samuels Copywriter Reviews (Updated): Is This Guy The Real Deal?

Self proclaimed “Coffee Shop Copywriter” Mike Samuels claims he’s generated over $170 Million in sales for his clients. Now look, I don’t wanna be a guy that bursts anothers bubble…but to have tracked $170 Million…it’s highly unlikely that every big buck came from something he wrote personally.

But hey, I’ll give him a chance to prove it.

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Before he tried his luck at copywriting, Mike was just a personal trainer at his local gym. Being only 18, he lacked a lot of the social skills one needs to find success in a position like that. As you can imagine, working at a gym and asking people to spend money with him wasn’t exactly his strong suit.

So instead he started a mobile personal training business. It was a little bit better. And finding its limitations, he decided to start an online fitness training. He kept finding success and thought to himself “Damn, I’m getting pretty good at persuading people. Maybe I should just go all in on copy.”

And ever since that moment about 8 years ago, he’s been getting paid big bucks by a bunch of people using just his little ole’ words ever since.

He doesn’t think copywriting should scare you off. In fact, he says you don’t even need to be a gifted writer. You just need to be able to write in a way that connects with people. This is usually done with easy to read words and sentences. Short and sweet. Something a 5th grader would be able to understand.

If you’ve ever sent out a text, congrats, you’re qualified.

Now to really become good at it, it wouldn’t hurt to dive a bit deeper than surfer level. Remember, the more empathy you can show through your writing, the better it’ll work out for you. The better you can differentiate the product and the offer, the more money that will land in your account.

These are just the things that if you make them a focus, you can improve on the results over time.

But here’s the thing Mike wants to warn you about…don’t sit down and “try to write copy”

When you try too hard…it’s noticeable. You’ve got to lead more with you/your clients personality and values instead. If you can achieve that, the actual selling part becomes really easy.

Mike Samuels Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

So, what’s one mistake Mike made in the early days? Simple. Taking on every project he could get. Sure, that doesn’t sound bad…but realistically it lead to lackluster copy, frustrated clients, and little pay.

You need to stand strong when it comes to your pricing. If a prospect/client gives you any red flags…get out of there.

What’s his recommendation? Don’t work with anyone you couldn’t sit down and have a nice dinner with.

Other advice? Sure. Mike says to prioritize your freedom OVER money. Specifically your time and location freedom. Don’t be afraid to be picky with who you want to work with.

Lastly, be consistent and reliable. Sure, some guys produce some awesome high converting copy. But they aren’t consistent and don’t even pretend to value their clients time. Other copywriters almost never show up to zooms and it’s always up in the air whether or not they’ll hit a deadline. Plus, if you keep your clients happy, odds are they’ll send ya referrals. Funny how that works huh?

While it makes sense given what he offers, I find it weird that I don’t feel the need to bash this guy.

Humble is an understatement, which is hard to come by in the coaching space.

His main course Freedom Kickstarter costs $2,465.

In this course he shows you how to find your potential clients, how you’ll get them to pay you, how to write sales letters that will make them ecstatic, and how to raise the prices on your written word when the time is right.

Unfortunately, there’s only videos. You won’t get access to a private Facebook group or anything to ask questions or be on livestreams with him.

But if you want his full coaching (FKS Pro), you’ll need to pony up about $1,358 per month. Something like this would be recommended if you’re in your feast and famine mode. Similar to him and his online fitness business.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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