Ecom Santiago Review (Updated): Is His Dropshipping Academy Legit?

Ecom Santiago is one among the latest dropshipping programs to hit the market. He takes a pretty anti-guru stance in his ad when he says “Unlike other fake gurus, I’m here to provide you with genuine guidance and knowledge. No more guesswork or empty promises.” Them’s fightin’ words as we’d say back in the day. Does his program live up to the hype? Scroll down for my full Ecom Santiago review.

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His ad starts off pretty cringe in my opinion. His girlfriend comes up and asks him “can we go to Paris this weekend?” To which we pulls up his stores sales over the past few days. $800 dollar day, $1200 dollar day, and then he checks for the month to see a grand total of $41,000. After that, he tells his girlfriend “looks like we can go to Paris this weekend”.

That whole bit in the ad is just wayyy to cringe for my liking. Not to mention that I’m supposed to believe he’s making $41k per month while living out of what looks to be a studio apartment? Idk…that kinda screams fake guru if you ask me. Something he’s supposedly against. Let’s go ahead and check out what he claims to give you in the rest of the ad.

“Winning Product Methods: Discover the tried-and-true methods I use to find the most profitable products time and time again. Store Design Mastery: Uncover the complete structure I implement to create stunning online stores that captivate and convert customers.” Ok, that sounds pretty cool, but if I’m being honest, just about all the other ecom gurus and programs claim they offer that as well, they just use other fancier words too.

Is Dropshipping Academy Legit

The Only Solution

He goes on to say with his offer that he provides: “Advertising Strategies: Learn the two advertising strategies that consistently generate multiple daily orders, skyrocketing your sales. Fast Shipping Suppliers: Gain insights into the best suppliers for lightning-fast shipping, ensuring satisfied customers and repeat business.”

He concludes his ad by saying “Stop wasting time scouring the internet for bits and pieces of information. Join my FREE training today, and I guarantee to equip you with everything you need to launch a profitable online dropshipping business.” So, any word on price?

Nope, no word on price. In fact, I think whoever is running his ads forgot to add a link to the landing page because that seems to seems to be missing. How are we supposed to access the masterclass if we can’t even get a link over to that page? Overall his offer doesn’t seem too different than that of the other guys in the space. His ad has the same characteristics and frames as theirs. Plus dropshipping is way too expensive to get started and way too competitive. I recommend sticking to local sites where you compete against maybe 20 people instead of national sites where you compete against hundreds of thousands to sell some fidget spinners at a small margin.

The Only Solution

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