Real Estate Level Up Review (Updated): Is Andrew Schlag Legit?

There’s an event every year called Real Estate Level Up (RELU) that’s run by Andrew Schlag and Leo Valentino. It’s a 3 day event where you’ll learn, get this, how to level up in real estate. So how much does it cost, is it worth traveling to, or are you better off moving on to the next best thing? Keep reading for my full RELU review. Andrew starts off by saying this in his marketing video “We’re gonna show you how to become a creative transaction genius,”.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

“Not only that,” he continues, “but grow the team around you, to where you can fire yourself. So, how to structure deals. How to hire. How to replace yourself. Making sure you’re using the most creativity possible to get the most profits possible. For example, we just got a free car. A 2017 Kia as a down payment. So you need to embody this creative transaction genius mindset. CTG. So does your team. It’s the only way to become an automated millionaire in real estate. So we’ll talk a lot about this.”

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done a deal in your life, you’re still encouraged to show up to this seminar. Whatever your struggle is, lack of capital, low credit score, just barriers in general…you can forget about them. Those all don’t matter when you’re a creative financing genius. All you gotta do is learn how to create profitable deals for sellers and buyers and present those options in a persuasive way.

So what’s the result if you can do that? Honestly, the average real estate investor you come across looking at a deal will likely say: “Ugh. No way I can make that work. Hard pass.” and then you as a CTG come in and take that same “bad lead” and turn that into a 5 or 6 figure profit. By learning this skill you’ll 2-4x your monthly income, smash you goals, and live your best life. Not to mention that people are struggling right now…you’re able to be the hero of their tough situation.

Andrew Schlag Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Leo and Andrew have a serious amount of experience in the space. You’re talking about two dudes that done hundreds of flips, rentals, and everything else under the real estate sun. Not to mention they have dominated the social media game so you can nail your own messaging and marketing. They believe you can earn the cash flow through their event because “During this three-day, live VIP event,” their website reads, “you’ll get to learn, dine, and network with Leo, Andrew, coaching staff, and others during this once-a-year event.”

“Level up yourself,” the copy continues. “Break through barriers by training your mind and accessing the coaching staff. Each day of the event includes lunch. You’ll also get access to exclusive networking cocktail mixers. Why tackle this journey of entrepreneurship by yourself, when you could join thousands of other motivated, passionate, and energized business owners who will support you the whole way? Tickets are going fast. Secure your VIP Access Ticket to get special time, bonuses, and dinner with the crew.”

A Real Estate Level Up ticket costs $997. For updates on other pricing options and event details you can check out their website. You’ll be offered hotel discounts at select locations. However, you could just as easily check out digital real estate. I think it’s a lot less crowded, less competitive, and you still make “real estate” money. It might not be the perfect business, but it sucks a lot less than everything else you could be doing for money. Check out my solution below.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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