Reviews (Updated): Are Johnny And Sergio Legit?

If you can believe it, Johnny and Sergio succeeded in building a 65k monthly window cleaning company from home in just one try. They credit it to their Remote Cleaning Method.

They’re pretty clear though. If you’re already making 25k per month or more in your cleaning business, odds are you’re doing things right and they won’t be able to help you as much.

However, if you’re trying to break out of your 9-5 or just add some additional monthly income, RemoteCleaning Co was built just for you!

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All you’ll need is just a minimum of 2 hours per day to work on this. If you can make that sacrifice, Johnny pretty much 100% believes you’ll be able to make it work.

Here’s how it goes.

Orange Window Cleaning is Johnny and Sergio’s company. They’ve built it up to anywhere from $60-70k each month in revenue. Over time they’ve serviced countless customers with over 400 of them leaving 5 star reviews. How’d they do it? They hired a crew guys that do all the dirty work. And thanks to all the software and processes they have in place, they only have to actively work on their business about 5 hours per month.

Since they’ve perfected their Remote Cleaning Framework, they’ve decided to launch ANOTHER cleaning business. This ones called Mary & A Mop. It’s dominating the Orange County area right now too.

Looks like there’s just about nothing that will keep Johnny and Sergio from success.

What they want to do for you is help you set up your LLC, get insured, hire independent contractors and workers to do all the toilet scrubbing, market for yourself, and keep everyone (customers and team members) happy.

To generate leads they recommend using Facebook ads, Local Service Ads, Google ads, building and ranking your website with Google Organic, and ranking your Google Maps listing.

The biggest issue most local cleaning businesses come across is them failing because of their lack of ability to handle their lead generation.

“This is something we’re actually experts at,” Johnny assures us. “But remember, this stuff isn’t gonna work forever. Entrepreneurs and marketers eventually ruin everything.”

Are Johnny And Sergio Legit?

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

What’s he mean by that? Basically that even their systems won’t work forever. It’s a constant game of innovation to stay on top of the competition because everyone eventually always copies each other.

Which makes me wonder? If you’re worried about copy cats, why would you sacrifice the 70k per month you’re making just to possibly lose it? Or is it that the real money is in selling the dream of owning your own cleaning biz to the rest of us?

Johnny does kind of give a beat around the bush sort of an answer…

“I have no problem teaching it to you guys,” he says, “so you can be the first ones to stake out a part of your market – in your local area. So hop on this while it still works.”

Does this mean that if someone in your city has already joined that they’d let you know ahead of time? Ehhhh I kinda doubt it.

Oh well.

Apparently one of their successful Home Service Academy students named Cody is already doing 60k per month after just 4 months. All it took was a couple hundred bucks in ads. Not too bad big man, I certainly wouldn’t wanna compete with you!

Another student named Travis has done $17k in just his second month thanks to Sergio and Johnny. Not bad considering he’s still a full time teacher!

But what are margins like? Realistically it probably sits somewhere around 20%. So someone like Travis is only profiting around $3400 realistically. Still, that’s not bad. It’s $3400 he otherwise wouldn’t have.

Look the cleaning industry makes sense and a fully remote cleaning business sounds awesome. I just don’t know if it’s worth it. Competition is gonna suck. Buying the tools is awful, trucks are expensive, and it’s a headache when you have to hop on phone calls with a new Karen complaining about something different every single day just to knock you down on price.

I’ll pass. I’d rather just continue bringing in the big bucks by typing out a few words online here and there to help small businesses

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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