Profit Singularity Review – Mike Vestil (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

Clearly Mike Vestil wants you to know he’s super strong since he works out. He also wants you to know you could look like him too if you follow his “Silver Lining Method” that makes $10 per day, then $100, then $1000, then to the moon! He has a “live” webinar that’s not actually live but he pretends it is as he stumbles over his words. And don’t forget how he emphasizes that there’s only 3 steps (gee where have we heard this before) between your and $30,000 per month online with creating or shipping products. Is it too good to be true? Scroll down for my full Profit Singularity review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Just a few years ago Mike was in a bad spot. He was depressed, drinking too much, tired of school, and didn’t want a 9-5. Then he went to a Tony Robbins event, found his why, got a mentor, and started making big bucks online. Now he’s partnered with the same mentor (Gerry Cramer?) to sell you the “Silver Lining System” or “AI funnel” or “D4U product that converts” or whatever other words he wants to use to make it sound new.

What’s his self proclaimed new and improved “10 day old idea”? Nothing more than promoting ClickBank products as an affiliate. Literally a platform that’s been around almost longer than he’s been alive. This is basically just another affiliate marketing training program where you pick a digital product from their marketplace, run an ad, get people to click on your affiliate link, land on your funnel page, then watch the online sales roll in. “Does that make sense” Mike asks over and over again like they put the same cut in one too many times.

Forget about that though. Mike, Gerry, and apparently some new dude named Keegan are gonna not only show you the right offers to go after in ClickBank, but they’re gonna give you a bunch of supposedly battle tested cookie cutter templates that will make you money. As soon as your disbelief is at an all time high, Mike flashes a bunch of screenshots of “wins” across the screen from his Inner Circle Hive Private Facebook group where you’ll receive training and support. I still smell some BS though, you’ll see why later.

Mike Vestil Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

First, I just can’t stand the kid. Mike Vestil gives off all the characteristics of a clinical narcissist, isn’t really smart, bends the truth quicker than superman and steel, and probably missed his calling as a model for the JC Penny’s little boys section. I just am not buying what he’s selling. But hey, maybe you’re a 25 year old bro like him and don’t mind all that stuff, maybe you just wanna have someone take shirtless pics of you looking stoic all day.

Which leads us to my second deal breaker. ClickBank. I’d avoid it all costs. The products suck and have the most absolutely gaudy sales pages you’ll ever see. And even if some poor schmuck gets suckered into buying one of those products you promote, sure you might get a 75% commission…but you also might get it refunded if they find out the product is the crap it really is. Either way, you’ll have a tough time feeling confident about making money online like that.

Lastly, my final warning. There’s literally only a handful of products that do well on ClickBank. So let me ask you this. If thousands of people just like you in Profit Singularity are given the same ads, same splash pages, same sales pages, for those couple of successful products…can saturation be any more clear? Profit Singularity sells for $2500 or 3 payments of $997 if you’re still interested. Good luck if you are.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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