Skup .net Reviews – Jewelry Profits (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

Matt Schmitt and Devin Zander are the two dudes behind It’s a site that sells training, apps, and themes that are designed to help store owners hit 6-figures asap. These two believe the best ecommerce business is something that has nothing to do with chinese suppliers and repackaging them on Shopify. An approach like that only leads to long deliveries, low margins, and pissed off customers. It’s also not Amazon FBA either. That’s way too competitive and costly. So what’s left to try? POD.

The Only Solution

Print On Demand has the same upsides as Amazon FBA and Shopify, but none of the downsides ( I’m skeptical). At least that’s what Devin wants us to believe. They’ve even created their own marketing mechanism out of it called the “I Heart You” ecom business. Apparently you don’t need to by inventory upfront, pay for storage fees, or be anxious about refunds cuz of long shipping times. It appears as though it’s risk free and that you only pay for the products after you make a sale in the first place. Because of that, you’ll spend far less in this launch when compared to Amazon FBA.

They advertise that you could (keyword) make profit margins of 50%. “Now that is how our student Tiffany made six figures in just one month,” Devin says in a YouTube ad for Skup. “And you don’t need any prior experience to do this. Another student, David, wasn’t new to ecom, but he made three thousand dollars in just a single week. And Michael sold five thousand units within a few weeks of starting. All it takes is one hour a day for you to work on this and you can potentially make additional hundreds or thousands of dollars every single month.”

Devin says that runs an e commerce business with many different ones underneath that do 7 figures thanks to the print on demand model. He then decided to partner with Matt and create Skup so other entrepreneurs could grow to 5 figs or more in just a few weeks. Combined they did a whopping $18 Million in their ecom biz last year. Devin is super pumped (I bet) to tell you all about his I Heart You business model because of how little competition there is (but doesn’t that mean he’d be flooding the market by sharing?). He focuses specifically on selling Jewelry with POD.

Jewelry Profits Review

The Only Solution

“The demand in this niche is evergreen,” Devin elaborates. “So there are always people looking to buy this product all year round. And that means that you can make consistent sales throughout the year and have a stable cashflow. Plus, according to Fortune Business Insights, a global market research company, this industry’s expected to double in size and grow to a sixty billion market by 2027. Which means the demand for this product is only gonna keep growing in the future.”

“So if you get in now, you’ll have a first-mover advantage and get a larger piece of the pie before other people start jumping in. Imagine having more time for yourself and for your loved ones. Imagine achieving financial freedom while working fewer hours. That’s why we’re excited to share more about this I Heart You ecom business model right now, while it’s still hot and relatively unknown to all the other people out there. And don’t worry, no coding, design, or tech skills necessary. And the best part? You don’t even need to build a website.”

To ensure that you’d get the same results they have, Devin and Matt have spent millions testing and perfecting their different softwares and tools (hint at upsells) so you can plug it in seamlessly with their business model. They say you shouldn’t have a problem in this biz so long as you can post a photo and write a caption. They say you can be in business in just a few hours from now with only a few clicks. The heavy lifting is already done for ya (yeah right…) and ya don’t have to lift a finger. This Jewelry Profits course is $997 according to recent advertising.

The Only Solution