Nomad Copywriter Review (Updated): Is Steve Peterson Legit?

Unfortunately for Steve Peterson, his life wasn’t always sunshines and rainbows. He didn’t always make a ton of money for himself or his clients.

He used to be a crazy good salesman back in the day. Selling things like high ticket software to mega corporations. And sure it might sound super cool, but it was super tiring and time consuming. It’d be long commutes or even longer plane rides

After a while, when he was tired enough, he decided to go after a career that wasn’t location dependent.

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He came across copywriting around 2005 or so. And he thought that thanks to his sales skills, he’d be a shoe in for it.

Throughout his humble beginnings as a freelancer, he slowly grew. And over time his clients became bigger and bigger, landing clients on the level of Agora Financial.

All I can hope for is that he isn’t responsible for duping the countless grandmas out of their 401k through some kind of crazy investment hack they have to offer. Because that’s pretty much what every single letter I’ve ever seen does.

Over the past few years Steve has started traveling all over, living the digital nomad lifestyle in all sorts of exotic destinations like Japan, Thailand, Mexico, and even Costa Rica. But not for work…

Man, and I think I’m making it when $20 for 4 gallons of gas isn’t gut punching me…

But yep, copywriting is what makes it all possible according to Steven.

You get to pick your clients, how much your paid, and when you do the work.

“Before it was 12-14 hour days with a lot of stress,” Steve remembers all too well. “Now it’s three, four, five hours a day, on whatever schedule that I’m interested in working, with the kind of clients I choose. So there’s plenty more time to relax and enjoy the scenes.”

“Now I work a few hours in the morning, between my copywriting and my students, and then I spend the rest of the days exploring around town and getting to know the culture,” he adds.

Steve Peterson Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

So what advice does Steve have for someone wanting to live the same type of lifestyle?

Well his first recommendation is for you to become super selective in who you decide to work with.

Next is studying. You’ve gotta be willing to take the time to learn the ins and outs and different levers you can pull with your writing.

And honestly, working with a coach isn’t the worst idea…as self serving to Steve that may sound.

Honestly someone like Steve will probably put you on a good path. After all, just like he teaches, it’s not about selling the product…it’s about selling the result. If you can convince your audience that the result they want can come from the product your client offers, they’ll line up with their card in hand.

It all comes down to understanding your customer. For example if you’re selling gym equipment to a 25 year old guy, you wanna sell the result of him landing the baddest chick in town for a date Friday night because of how buff he’s gotten. Whereas if you’re selling to a 70 year old grandma, she might just want the convenience of staying at home and toning up to stay active and live longer.

And yes, there are lots of other little things to pick up on over time.

Sure, while you can pick up quite a bit of info by doing the research on your own…it’ll only get you so far.

Everyone that’s been the best at anything has always found a coach in their space to really take their skills to the next level. And in your case, Steve could be your ticket to making six-figures as a copywriter in the next few months.

The Digital Nomad Copywriter Starter Kit costs $97. If you’ve liked what you’ve heard so far, you can pony up for more expensive coaching with Steve.

Honestly, he’s one of the best copywriters I’ve reviewed in a long time. He’s super qualified and hasn’t made any crazy claims.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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