Misha Wilson Review – Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

Misha Wilson thinks he has a new breakthrough for you to make money online. Funny enough, he calls it “Misha’s Method” (how original). He says it’s done over 15 MILLION in personal sales. And he’s so kind that he’s gonna give to you for free through his book called “The Millionaire Breakthrough”. And yes, there is a catch. When you sign up, he’ll pitch you on his $17 Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint. Is it good? Are there more upsells for his online business? Scroll down for the full review.

The Only Solution

Misha Wilson has been homeless twice but managed to put all that behind him and be a Maui Millionaire. To most people, he’s living the life that only they could dream about. His YouTube ads, hypnotic. They catch your attention and hold you hostage while you’re captivated by the stunning sunsets and crashing waves. Before you know it, you’re handing over your email and waiting to see what secrets lie in “The Millionaire Breakthrough”. But it’s a kick in the balls when after opting in, you get funneled to his VSL (video sales letter) that pitches you his entry level Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint.

After you watch the video, you’ll eventually get “The Millionaire Breakthrough” in your inbox. You’re hoping this book will redeem Misha Wilson in your eyes, but it doesn’t. You’re actually pissed off when you find it’s just a bunch of fluff that tells you to go do Affiliate Marketing. And that’s not anything that’s exactly new or a “breakthrough” by any means. Perhaps the worst part is that he doesn’t give you actionable steps to go in the right direction. Instead he just tells you to sign up for his Super Affiliate Commission Blueprint course.

Like the other guru’s before him, he uses fake scarcity in the form of a countdown clock. Which if you buy before it hits zero, you’ll save a whopping 90%. Sure, that’s nice, but Misha’s ad did say it was “100% free, no credit card required”. Damn, I gotta say, I feel like Misha Wilson is just one let down after the other. I think it’s because he’s so promising and a good pitchmen. He lives the lifestyle we all want, so of course our expectations are high.

Misha Wilson Super Affiliate Network

The Only Solution

Now I’m starting to question that $15 million figure. Did he make that through affiliate marketing? Or was it just from selling his own courses and coaching programs? For example, in his last business, The Super Affiliate Network, he sold products that were anywhere from $7-$300. From there I suppose he does what most gurus do and hits you with pricy upsells like smaller programs, masterminds, and workshops. Sure, that’s all fair play, but it’s definitely not affiliate income.

To be fair, he has maintained an A+ rating with the BBB. Though he only has 34 reviews total, it might not paint the full picture. He’s had 8 complaints, but those seem to have been properly handled. This might change my perspective a tad. Of course, I think he can definitely dial back his online marketing and hype, but hey, at least he’s not out there to steal someones last buck.

One things for sure, the dude definitely knows how hype things up. Anyone this smooth at ads, funnels, and seemingly irresistible offers is someone you should at least keep in your back pocket for knowledge. Honestly, I might eventually come around to the Misha Wilson character. I think is ties up some of these loose ends I might get behind his efforts. And the affiliate marketing business model (although old) isn’t the worst thing out there. Let’s see what ads he puts out next!

The Only Solution

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