Finance Cowboy Reviews (Updated): Is Jaren Sustar Legit?

The Finance Cowboy, Jaren Sustar, says you don’t need to your own money to become a millionaire in real estate. Geee, where have we heard this claim before? Anyway, Jaren bought 22 properties over the last few years and still managed to keep his 9-5. How’d he do it? Well after he finished college baseball and graduated, he went to work sales…and not too long after he bought his first property.

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He’s transparent with us and said it didn’t go well. It was a flip he was just lucky enough to break even on. “I was young,” he says. “Like 25 years old. And I was using a private lender’s money and it was just a debacle all the way through. From transferring the funds to me to dealing with the contractors each week, managing them. Then we thought the project was done and then we end up having to pull a permit that we didn’t pull, and so we had to go back and redo a lot of stuff. And then we go to close and the buyer couldn’t get funding.”

It took some time, but he eventually got through it and was humbled in the process. But he wasn’t to be deterred, he invested in a mentor and learned how to buy his first long-term rental. Then he just repeated it 21 more times and keeps adding to his portfolio. Now that he has so many himself, he’s decided to start helping others with this Cowboy brand. And why the cowboy? Jaren had an older relative that blew him off with real estate…

So he just kept buying properties using OPM. If you can believe it, his cousin then saw a 26 year old Instagram influencer flaunting their success with index funds. He then hit up Jaren and said “Bro, you should really be getting in on these index funds.” He felt insulted…he was making wayyy more money wayyy faster than index funds, but wasn’t taken seriously because he had no social media following.

Jaren Sustar Review

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Screw it, he thought to himself, and he started to build his own social media following. Then it was pretty funny….He slid his boots on one day and it hit him. Finance Cowboy. He’d be the Finance Cowboy. So that’s his brand and now he finds deals several different ways. The main way is still using the MLS, next he personally plucks deals off Zillow, he cold calls, and just networks/markets himself like crazy. Lastly he tells everyone he can “Yo, I invest in real estate. Send me deals.” and cherry picks whichever deals he wants.

So what’s the Finance Cowboy have in store for his future? He’s just gonna keep sticking with his real estate deals. Don’t fix what ain’t broke right? While his bread and butter is single family homes, he is willing to move into multifamily down the road with folks who want to invest with him. And sure, he’ll try short term rentals with AirBnB…but those are just so much work and extra stress. Anyone who says otherwise is probably about to tell you to join their $7,000 coaching program. He’s just taking a step back on that for now.

Ultimately, if you’re an honest hardworking American that just wants to build wealth through real estate without having to quit you job…I’d say Jaren has ya covered. He has a program called Rental Academy that teaches students his W2 Millionaire Method. This program breaks down exactly how he earned $1,000,000 by his 30th birthday without taking the risk of quitting his job or spending a crazy amount of time away from the family. He doesn’t mention cost anywhere, but I’m sure it’s fair. Overall he’s not like any of those other slimy gurus you’ve probably had experiences with.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

John Reed: As a fellow patriot who’s disillusioned with the 9-5 “American Dream”, I’ve grown to loathe the self-help and “guru” industry.
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