Syndicate9 Mastermind Review (Update): Is Sean Terry A Real Estate Wholesaling Genius?

Syndicate9 is a real estate mastermind group that focuses in the areas of wholesaling, one-on-one coaching, boosting your marketing efforts, and creating systems to skyrocket your wholesale real estate business. When joining the program, you’ll get access to: 

  • In-person events
  • Virtual Monthly Trainings
  • Real time advice 

Now, over the years, the idea of wholesaling real estate has been a double-edged sword with some investors acting ethically and others, not so much. 

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In fact I’ve heard of stories in which a wholesaler had a deal in their hands with a motivated elderly homeowner due to a personal situation she was dealing with. The plan for the wholesaler was to flip his contract to a rehabber for considerably more than he was paying the homeowner. 

Somehow the rehabber got the homeowner’s information and approached her with an offer that was more than the wholesaler was offering but much less that what he was going to pay the wholesaler, completely cutting him out of the process entirely. 

When the wholesaler found out about this, he started a bidding war with himself, the rehabber and the seller, but had no intention of following through. His only goal was to inflate the purchase price high enough that the rehabber would back out. 

Ultimately, this was a lose-lose-lose for everyone involved. 

Of course, this is just one story out of thousands of other successful wholesaling scenarios, so I don’t want you to get the idea that wholesaling is some type of scam, because it isn’t. If done correctly and ethically, it’s a great way to make money. 

And that’s what we’ll be talking about in this Syndicate9 Mastermind review. 

Over the next few minutes, I’d like to go over some of the common questions people ask about the real estate wholesaling industry in general then go into a little more detail about Syndicate9 and Sean Terry. 

My main goal is to help you decide for yourself if this is the type of business you want to get into or something you should pass on. 

So with all that being said, let’s get on it…

What Is Real Estate Wholesaling? 

Basically wholesaling is when an investor wants to make quick money by finding a property in which the owner needs to sell fast. Usually the property is in bad shape or the property owner is dealing with a personal issue and needs money. 

In either case, the investor and the property owner agree on a price (typically well under market value) and sign a contract. 

The wholesaler’s plan isn’t to buy the property but to assign the contract to another investor for a higher price, usually about $5k-$10k more than the contract price and the wholesaler keeps the difference.  

What Are Some Pros and Cons? 


  • Little Investment: Wholesaling doesn’t require much money up front, which means you can do many of these deals at the same time.
  • Quick Profits: The turn-around time for wholesaling is short, which means you make your money much faster than traditional real estate deals 
  • Low Risk: Since the wholesaler doesn’t actually buy the property, he doesn’t have much skin in the game. 


  • Unpredictable Income: You need to have a constant flow of leads for investors, which could mean that your income can hit a dry spell. 
  • State Regulations: Some states regulate the industry, which means you will need to be licensed in those states. 
  • Market Dependency: Your success depends on the amount of property you can find that are suitable for investors, which means do some research in specific areas. 

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How To Wholesale?

There are a few steps involved in Wholesaling…

  1. Learn The Laws: You’ll need to research the wholesaling laws in your area and follow them to a “T”. 
  2. Market Research: Do your due diligence on neighborhoods with properties that you can get for under market value. 
  3. Find Motivated Sellers: Look for sellers that are willing to sell for much less than Fair Market Value. 
  4. Draw Up A Contract: Once you decide on a price, create a contract that has an assignment clause. 
  5. Find A Buyer: You should have a list of buyers (investors) that are willing to pay your price. 
  6. Assign The Contract: Transfer your buying rights over to the Investor in exchange for your wholesaling fee. 
  7. Close The Deal: Use a Title Company that can complete the deal between the property owner and Investor. 

Wholesaling vs Flipping

Wholesaling is different from flipping in a few different ways, even though the process of wholesaling and flipping involves the same property. 

In general, the risk involved with wholesaling is much lower than with flipping. 

Wholesaling usually just involves putting a property under contract for a quick pay day, while flipping involves rehabbing a property, listing it on the market for a premium price, and waiting for an end buyer. 

Now that we’ve covered some of the basics of Wholesaling, let’s take a look at Syndicate9 Mastermind. 

What Is Syndicate9 Mastermind? 

Syndicate9 Mastermind is a program for those interested in learning how to wholesale real estate and work with a group of like-minded people. Sean Terry and his team basically teach you how to: 

  • Scale your wholesaling business
  • Develop a systematic approach
  • Set your goals
  • Put what you’ve learned into practice
Who Is Sean Terry

Who Is Sean Terry? 

Sean is a well-known, 20 year veteran in the real estate wholesaling industry, but he’s also an author, podcaster and educator with platforms like Flip2Freedom.

With his background as a former US Marine influencing his skills in leadership and entrepreneurship, he is very respected within his community and by his students. 

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How Much Does It Cost To Join? 

I couldn’t find anywhere on his site where the price to join the program is discussed, but if you want to join, you’ll need to book a call with one of Sean’s salespeople.  

What Do You Get With The Program? 

Here’s a quick break-down of what you’ll get after joining… 

  • One-on-one advice from Sean and his team.
  • Reserved seating at Extreme Freedom events, with two premium tickets.
  • Quarterly 2-day sessions with Sean, special guests, and other members.
  • Monthly training live and online, conducted by Sean.
  • Networking opportunities with fellow real estate wholesalers.
  • Complimentary meals during events, including snacks, coffee, and lunch.
  • Insights from industry leaders on strategic and operational aspects.
  • Hot-seat sessions during meetings to discuss individual challenges and get advice.
  • Exclusive meetings and luxury retreats for high-tier members to foster deeper business relationships and learning.

Are There Better Ways To Make Money In 2024? 

Let me first say that most real estate trainings are typically above board, and I have no doubt that Sean’s course on wholesaling is as well. 

I also believe that Wholesaling in general is a great way to make quick money in real estate, although it’s not as passive as owning traditional real estate. 

The only problem with owning traditional real estate is that you need a lot of up front capital in order to buy it. 

This is why I believe Digital Leasing offers you the best of both worlds, and why I’ve been doing it for the last several years. 

In Digital Leasing, you can create digital assets for a tiny fraction of what it would cost to invest in brick and mortar real estate, but you can generate the same type of passive income. 

For example, you can make anywhere from $500-$2000 for each digital asset you own, and once they’re set up, they’re virtually 100% hands-off. 

So, if you’d like to learn more about Digital Leasing and why it’s my #1 pick, just click below. 

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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