Ticket Flipping Reviews (Updated) Is The Course Flare Software Legit?

Dean, the main guy at TicketFlipping, claims he and his boys can help you start your own ticket resale business. Together, him and his friends have a (combined) 25 years of experience. This course will have 6 different parts should you choose to buy it. The first part is of course, buying the tickets. There’s a strategy to this contrary to popular belief. You want to be able to buy good seats for a good price, sit on them, and wait for them to go up in value.

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You’ll learn how to use ticket sites like Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Etix, Eventbrite, and secondary marketplaces like stub hub and Vivid seats to run your business. I’ll say this much though, you won’t wanna get a text from some of these founders though. Once they have ya, they don’t let ya rest.

Next in the course is Event Research “Here,” one of the other guys says, “you’ll discover how to find and evaluate events to purchase. One way to do this is based off the artist. If it’s like Taylor Swift or someone who’s selling out shows, that’s a pretty safe bet. Also, based off venue. If there’s a place that sells out often, pay special attention. Or you can use Flare, our onsale and presale database. Then we have a checklist where you’ll go through all these metrics to see if that event is a worthwhile investment.”

Next up is Pulling Tickets. Basically, this section teaches you how to get even the hottest tickets even if the event is sold out after minutes. They’ll show you how to take advantage of “waiting rooms” and leverage “pulling tools” to purchase tickets automatically. That way you don’t have to be on your MacBook 24/7.

Dean Ticket Flipping Reviews

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

And now…it’s time to learn about how this course wants you to start selling tickets. “You’ll learn the easiest and best way to sell your tickets,” my man explains. “Where you’ll actually upload your tickets to a service that will help you sell them across every secondary marketplace around the web. So this’ll be a super useful section, especially if you’re unaware of what a point of sale or a consignment is. You’ll get more sales, quicker. Also, we’ll talk pricing 101: what to charge, how close to the event to sell, and other best practices.”

You’ll also get one part of the training that is just totally dedicated to Sports. We’re talking about them giving you the best ways to start flipping tickets of the highest anticipated teams and match ups. They will also provide you with a season ticket guide that will allow you to snatch up season tickets and sell them for profit. It doesn’t matter what your favorite sport is. They will provide you with a successful template to follow. This is one of the coolest parts of the training and Ticketflipping.com is willing to bet money on it.

Of course don’t think you won’t need some tools. You’ll need to invest in some software tools to make this dream of yours a reality. This module will show you all the extensions and plug ins you’ll need to make your day to day operations run smoother. If you want all the cool stuff like bonuses, exclusive group, and flare score software, this TicketFlipping costs $99 per month. If you want a basic membership, it will $49 per month.

If you wanna make money flipping tickets, the ticket flipping hub website might be for you!

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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