AMZ Formula Review (Updated): Is Joshua Crisp Legit?

Joshua Crisp reminds us that Amazon is literally a trillion dollar company in his most recent flashy ad. While other retail companies are closing down for good, Amazon is hiring and building new warehouses everywhere you look. Josh does have a point…Amazon will only continue to get bigger and bigger. But how do you get your piece of the pie? According to Josh it’s simple…Join his AMZ Formula team and have them do it with you.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

In his presentation, Josh quotes Warren Buffett: “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” Basically what Warren is saying is that you need something that produces money for you 24/7. An asset. Josh says he can help you build that asset for yourself or he can build it for you. Unlike some of the other prominent names in the space, he’s not one of those fly by night Amazon FBA gurus. He has a proven track record in ecommerce and has built several 7 figure Amazon businesses. Not to mention he has an excellent mind for investing.

Did you know the average Amazon seller makes $90k per year selling on Amazon? That may sound nice, but Josh expects better. Good thing he goes beyond the status quo. Take a look at a few of his student successes. Joseph hit 6-figs in just 6 months AND quit his job. Sam is on pace for 7 figures, and Paul did 40k in his first month now selling 70 products a day.

Where are lot of people go wrong in their Amazon business is simply not picking the right product. AMZ Formula claims that they will do your research for you and get that winning product. They claim that if you let them do that, you’ll earn 8-10k per month in profit. I’m kinda skeptical on that claim though…Anyway, they’ll find the best supplier, do the graphic design, copywriting, and SEO for you!

Joshua Crisp Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Josh claims you can expect a 25% margin with as much as 40%. Respectfully, I call BS. Most people see 10% at the end of the day. But let’s just play with Josh’s numbers for a hot sec. Let’s assume that 25% number. For you to make $10k per month, you’d need $40k in sales. So if they found a hot product for $40, they’d need to sell 1000 per month…or 33 products a day.

Now Josh admits that something like that isn’t typical, but it is doable given Amazons sales volume. And he claims that if you work with his AMZ Together team…they’ll make it happen. You won’t need much time to succeed in this, but you’ll need a bunch of capital. Think of this as more of an investment than a business opportunity. You’ll see better returns than the stock market though.

How much does AMZ Formula cost? Some reviews are saying $997, but you’ll be disappointed to find out that the D4U option is much, much, higher. My guess is something like that starts out at $15k minimum. You gotta factor in the inventory, ads, and other marketing that you’ll be paying for. Of course to find the actual price, you’re forced to hop on the call with them where you’ll be pressured to buy in. My only problem with stuff like this is why do they actually need you? Think about it, if they’re so successful, why don’t they just scale their own stores to the moon? Sounds fishy to me…

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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