Tom Wang Net Worth (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

It’s no secret that Tom Wang sold his Sdara Skincare company for a 7 figure sum. This went down in December 2020 (right as covid was shafting shipping from China). After that big payday high wore off, he started looking for something to do with all that money. What’d he come up with? Real estate. The man invested 30% of his entire net worth into it, another 30% into stocks, 10% in crypto, and the rest left for liquid cash. For more info on Tom Wang’s wealth building strategy and net worth, scroll down for more.

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Tom won’t lie, he’s a very risk averse individual. You might wanna adjust those ratios to serve your needs. But another principle to learn is dollar cost averaging. So like let’s say Tom had a million bucks to play with. 30% or 300k is going in stocks. Does it all go to something like Apple? Of course not.

Tom might just take that 300k and divide it into chunks of 30k and invest that once a month for 10 months. Whether the market goes up or it goes down it doesn’t really matter. He’s buying shares at different price points and averaging out what he’s paying per share. His thought process is that if even the richest billionaires can’t time the market, why would he be able to?

Tom Wang learned first hand that Real Estate is a lot more challenging than one might think. If you take Vancouver for example, all the houses there are super expensive, so the ROI wasn’t much to write home about. He tried the Airbnb model, but with that came more headaches like managing listings and being at the beck and call of any visitor. But he happily put a team in place to manage it. In his eyes, the extra income compared to rentals is worth it.

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Tom also started to invest with big dogs in the space like Manny Khoshbin. The benefit is that everything is pretty hands off. You cut the check, wait 2-3 years, get your investment back, and a good return. The only downside is that obviously you don’t own a long term asset where you’ll get money for years to come.

Crypto was an interesting choice. Tom says it’s like a hedge for him. The gov has printed a crap ton of money since the pandemic, and if the dollar keeps tanking, crypto might offset that a little bit. He views it as buying digital versions of gold and silver. Tom knows it’s risky. His girlfriend manages it all. Sometimes he’ll see it’s up 6-figs, other times it’s down 6-figs. Most of the time he doesn’t wanna know, he can’t stomach the swings. Neither could I…

And finally cash. Some say it’s trash. Others like Tom, believe it to be king. To be honest, everyone needs some cash. A rainy day fund, if you will. Plus, if there’s a massive correction, you’ll be able to buy things for incredibly cheap. How do you expect to capitalize on all this if you’re strapped for cash? Not to mention, have a crap ton of money in a savings account does make you sleep better at night. Today Tom is building another Ecom brand through Amazon FBA, launching a software, and with all that said…I estimate is net worth somewhere in the 8-10 Million range.

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