Trove Managed Commerce Review (Updated): Is This Automation Stuff For Real?

Look, let’s just cut to the chase. You’re here because you saw some ad or whatever for something called Trove Managed Commerce.

And like most people you thought to yourself “damn…I know it sounds to good to be true…but I’ve gotta know more”. Then you took to the internet looking for Trove Managed Commerce reviews.

So here we are…

Is it legit?

Is it not?

We’re about to find out:

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I’ll be honest I come across automation stuff like this left and right these days.

A few years ago the gambit was “hey try this business model, we’ll coach you up so you can do it yourself”.

Now all it seems to be are businesses, and even gurus themselves, transitioning (not trying to be political…I see you Karen) into offering “Done For You” services where they charge 20-50k and dangle the carrot of “passive income” in your face all while your bank account drains.

So is Trove Managed Commerce like that?

Well, I don’t exactly see anything from them that makes them stand out from the crowd.

I suppose the only unique thing about them is that they help you set up and create a print on demand store. Technically that’s somewhat different than regular ole’ ecommerce and Amazon FBA stores.

As far as results go, do they have any?

It seems as though they’ve got some vague results. I’ve always wondered why these companies are so vague about it. Especially if they have clients that truly are making 31k and 35k per day like they claim.

I just don’t know…if it were me I’d be having my clients shout from the rooftops…not necessarily go radio silent.

Isn’t it also a bit weird that there isn’t exactly a face for the company either? Seems pretty anonymous if you ask me.

Don’t even get me started on how this site looks like someone outsourced it some cheap upwork builder who barely put it together on Wix…

Maybe I’m just overthinking though.

Who Is Trove Managed Commerce

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Ok, now it’s time to get down to brass tax…

How much does Trove managed commerce cost?

Well I hope you have quite the rainy day fund because these guys are going to try and get at least $20,000 out of you upfront.

Not to mention it’s all gonna be on you to pay for the ad spend for your print on demand products.

The claim is that the store is 100% yours but how true is that?

Sure you’ll have to set up an LLC, bank account, and all the other annoying legal stuff that comes with it…but let’s be real they’re gonna keep a majority of YOUR money.


Lemme break it down for ya.

You see companies like this SAY that you own the store and most of the profits…but that’s not actually the case when you break it down.

The truth is that you’re going to profit share with them…most companies charge 25% of the profits and give you what’s left.

They call that “fair”. But it’s more like them getting 75% of your company.

How you might ask?

  • You are the one paying for ads
  • You are the one paying for the products
  • You are the one paying for whoever they outsource everything to
  • You are the one giving them a piece of the profits

After all that is said and done, you’re left with what’s left. Which is about 25% yourself as well.

And guess what?

You could have months where you don’t make a profit…and ya’ll both split 0$…except not really because you’re already paying them to do everything else…you’re the only one really losing at the end of the day.

Well I hope this little review has helped and I’m sorry if it was a little bit of downer by exposing the charade this business model is…

But hey, I won’t leave you empty handed.

Check out my solution below!

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