Wealth Accelerators Automation Review – Trucking (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

I saw this ad on Facebook the other day for a new program. This one was different from the rest I’ve reviewed so far, it was about starting your own trucking business as a side hustle. So what’s this try hard guru’s pitch? “Trucking automation is the Wealth Accelerator’s newest business model. We’re expanding our trucking fleet rapidly and we’re looking for partners who want to team up. How exactly does the business work? Pretty simple guys.” Scroll down for my Automate Trucking review.

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The way he explains it is that they’ll get the truck for ya, get you the driver, and get it registered with the DOT. All you have to do is keep up with inspections and maintenance. They’ll broker the deal and get it on the road too. It’s presented as something that will be very passive and hands off for the most part. Even if you’ve got no experience in the freight industry. Personally, this does all sound too good to be true. I mean, if they’re doing all that stuff for you, wouldn’t it be a drop in the bucket for them to do maintenance? I decided to go see his sales letter to checkout what the catch was.

So here’s Mike Sancho (Wealth Accelerators owner) has to pitch: “What this offer is, guys, is the ability for you to actually own a semi-truck on the road that is fully managed by our team. And what we do for you is we staff that truck with a driver for you, we get the truck registered with the department of transportation, we handle all of the inspections and maintenance, and then we broker the freight for you. This is one of several different multi-million dollar businesses I’ve built.”

Mike says he’s doing this to help solve the issue of passive income for the working class people…to be honest I smell BS…but let’s keep going. He thinks trucking automation can change that because of how hands off he’s made it and how uncompetitive it is. Then like most gurus, he says things like: the benefits speak for themselves, no time commitment, no work required, truly passive income. Look folks, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Mike Sancho Review

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But hey, if you do believe that Mike is essentially doing this as a charity case for the masses, how much are you expected to pay him upfront? It’s not specified, but his team will handle the truck and driver and the brokering, so you can expect to front the financial cost for that, just like you would for a DFY Amazon store. Not to mention you’ll pay all other expenses like gas and tolls. But finally you’ll get 50% of the net profit. Now while that sounds fair, remember, you’re fronting the expenses and only getting part of the profit. Mike and his team are compensated based on your front cost AND that other 50% of profit. They’re really getting most of the money here…But if you’re lucky you might get 5-10k per month like his social proof examples.

“So if you want us to manage a trucking business for you in order to gain passive income, it’s very easy,” Mike says. “All you have to do is fill out an application on Automate Trucking dot com and book a time to speak with our team, okay? But just so you’re aware, there’s a limited amount of trucking packages that we’re gonna sell, so if you do not get in, you will miss out. You won’t be able to get the passive income results this model offers, all right? So keep that in mind.”

I’m just gonna be blunt. Something smells fishy here. I mean he doesn’t tell you the cost for one, and two…he doesn’t even tell us why he wants to cut us in on the deal in the first place. We’d be naive to believe he’s doing this “to give back” to the working class people. It just doesn’t add up ladies and gentlemen. Now sure, having you get the truck might help him bypass loans, but still, if he were successful enough…he wouldn’t have that issue right? Not to mention, I have no interest in getting a small portion of the profit, especially when I’m fronting the whole financial burden. I’m gonna pass on this one.

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