Uprise Automation Review (Updated): Is Ohr Fluxman Legit?

You may have seen an ad for something called Uprise Automation on Facebook and you’re wondering if it’s the real deal. It probably caught your eye because you’re interested in learning about opportunities that could lead to an extra source of passive income for ya. Ohr Fluxman starts off by saying: “Long story short Im Ohr Fluxman I have been selling on amazon for 7 years and I have taught plenty of people how to do the same.” Scroll down for my full Uprise Automation review.

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“I have been telling my students for a while to just stick to FBA and scale the business because it is actually something that will last for the long run. But the quick buck with no work got to peoples head and they don’t listen”. I like what I’m hearing so far…he’s not necessarily preaching the whole get rich quick thing. So what’s his pitch exactly?

“Now I’m teaming up with accredited investors like yourselves and building a legacy. If your interested in partnering up with me to have you very own Amazon FBA business…Just click the link or swipe up, fill the form and let’s get on a call to see if we are a good fit for a partnership.” Ahhh and there it is…the good ole’ “hey hop on a call and let’s see if it’s a good fit.

Thanks but no thanks. I like how it was going at first but now that just sounds like every other automation guru pitch. Nothing against Ohr per se, but I’m just pretty jaded when it comes to automation pitches like that. Most of the time these ‘partnerships’ end up with you the consumer paying most of the operation costs and pocketing a small percentage of the overall profit.

Ohr Fluxman Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

How much does Uprise Automation Cost? Uprise Automation costs $14,997 one time for one of their options and $24,997 for another one of their options. It’s not exactly clear what the difference between the two are. I imagine that is what the phone call will be for. But for full Amazon automation…that sounds pretty cheap…which is concerning.

Those costs come at a concern because just buying the inventory costs $5-10k by itself. That means they’re only left a few grand to try all their marketing campaigns. And what if it doesn’t work out? They’ll say that they don’t have enough money and will need you to fork over some more. Not cool

On top of that, I looked at the uprise automation website and it’s fairly bland. Not much info is available about Ohr Fluxman and you’re kinda just shown some cryptic screenshots of “client wins” that look no different than those annoying and fake forex scammers on instagram stories. Where are the video testimonials? What about Facebook group testimonials? I don’t know, Amazon is already risky enough. Paying a guy with very little social proof $15k to do it for me?? Forget about it. I’ll stick to ranking little local websites.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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