Viral Content Review (Updated): Is Jon Jacques Course Legit?

Have you been looking to boost your social media presence on social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok?

Odds are you’ve come across Jon Jacques a few times now and you’re wondering if he can actually help you out.

So what’s his forte?

Jon claims that with his Viral Content program that you can learn the secrets to creating your very own viral social media content.

So…is he legit? What’s inside the program? And how much does it cost?

Scroll down for my full Viral Content review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

The idea of the this program is to learn how to grow an audience that you can monetize through your awesome content.

This type of program is awesome for someone like gurus or social media influencers because content like this can lead to a bunch of course sales or a bunch of product sales for whatever they are promoting.

But if you’re someone brand new to the online space or trying to promote your digital marketing services…this probably isn’t the best course for you.

Small businesses don’t really pick digital marketing agencies based on the content they put out. They pick agencies based on who provides them value up front for free…which I’ll talk about later.

Getting back to Viral Content…here’s what you can expect to learn from the program:

  • The truth about why the majority of your posts are maxing out at 50-150 likes! (HINT: It has very little to do with what your posting – your content is probably fine ‘as is’!)
  • Why “followers” translate into COLD HARD CASH! And how regular people (like you and I) are literally making 7-figures a year… while living like celebrities.
  • What you can do to automate the content creation process and schedule all of your posts 6-8 months in advance!
  • How to become a successful influencer even if you’re scared of putting yourself “out there” and have NO CLUE what to say!
  • ​A little-known secret to guarantee that a video goes viral… even if it’s the first one you’ve ever posted! (This strategy is so counter-intuitive that most people completely overlook it.)
  • The ONE question you must answer before ever pressing the “record” button! Seriously… if you ignore this your view count will suffer. 
  • The “Magnetic Intro Script” that helped me gain 32,438,232 views on a single video! (And I did it without an existing audience… without ‘getting lucky’… and without spending $1 on ads!)
  • Why almost everyone is WRONG about what to say in the first 3 seconds of their videos… and how you can leverage my “Hook The Universe” formula to stop people dead in their tracks!
  • The 6 ‘magic words’ I used to gain 572,962 SHARES on a single video! (If you don’t know them… good luck trying to grow a large audience!)
  • The dangerously effective tactic that expert copywriters have been using for years to sell BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of celebrity gossip magazines…. and how this one technique can instantly 2X or 3X your views!
  • My ‘gut reaction’ approach to predicting if a particular post will go viral. (WEIRD FACT: I find that women are naturally more accurate at predicting virality than men!)
  • Why you are losing 53% of your audience… and the $5 solution to win their attention back IMMEDIATELY!
  • An ultra simple (almost too obvious) strategy that helped me gain 18,000 new followers… in my first 30 days of testing it.
  • How you can ethically ‘steal’ winning video concepts so you can nearly guarantee that your next video achieves anywhere from 200,000 – 900,000 views!
  • PLUS: I’ll even reveal how I catapulted my reach from 800 views to 800,000 views in less than 24 hours (something I’ve only shared with VIP students and $30,000+ coaching clients)!
How Much Does Viral Content Cost

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

You’ll also receive 5 bonuses.

So how much does Viral Content Secrets cost?

Only a teeny tiny $37.

Personally I think it’s worth it for nothing else than you get a crap ton of content about becoming the next social media star in one organized space.

Can you find the stuff for free on YouTube?


But this is just $37…I just think it’s an easier solution than scouring for hours.

So let’s say you’re the guy or gal that’s starting up a marketing agency and you just don’t know where to go to learn or get coaching…

I’ve got that solution.

Digital Leasing.

With digital leasing you create YOUR OWN assets that generate leads. You then take those leads and provide your value up front to business owners.

It’s the easiest way to close a deal.

And with that asset producing leads month after month after month…you earn mostly passive income and you can scale virtually as high as you like.

You could keep it to yourself at maybe 10-15k per month…or you could scale to 50k+ with a full on team underneath you.

I think it’s a much better option for beginners if you ask me.

Click the link below!

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024