Wesley Virgin Review (Updated): Is He The Best For Mindset?

You may have been introduced to Wesley Virgin from all the products he advertises like Overnight Millionaires, Millionaire In Training Inner Circle, or Money Manifestation System, but are any of them legit? Is Wesley Virgin someone you can trust to lead you down the right direction? Scroll down for my full Wesley Virgin review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

When Wesley was growing up, he could’ve been described as a pretty stubborn kid. He went to college and then dropped out because he thought he was smarter than his professors. Then he tried the arms, but got kicked out because of his trouble with authority. And after that, he was a technician at a dealership in Texas. Unfortunately he got fired from that as well and just tried out personal development. Something that sounds like he definitely need.

He then began trying to figure out how he could make money on his own. In the process, he went bankrupt and even went to jail. His big break? A weight loss ebook. And after he had success with that, he went all in on internet marketing. Soon enough he found his high profit margin niches and was earning a million dollars per month.

He went into the healthcare, supplement, investing, and mindset niches. In much of his marketing he brags that he has millions of customers would wide. He goes so far as to claim that in just 1 year, he earned 30 million dollars. He’s also been featured in major publications like Forbes and Buzzfeed. Still, most of the internet thinks he’s just another fake guru.

Is Wesley Virgin A Scam?

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

When it comes to the BBB, he’s not doing so hot. He’s got an actual “F” rating. In fact, check out this review by a consumer: “Wesley Virgin and the entire operation is a total scam,” wrote a woman named Diana. “They are millionaires by scamming people. They offer to give a full refund if you ask within sixty days. I asked for a four hundred and ninety-nine dollar refund for general products I never received, and instead they sent only half of the money and kept two hundred and fifty dollars. He is dishonest and full of [bleep]. On his Youtube channel, he talks about his connection with God. That is [bleep] too. They [are] just taking money from people without providing any value.”

Not to mention almost everyone on Reddit crucifies him as well. Anywhere you seem to look online the consensus is that he is just a fake guru and a scammer that preys on the vulnerable. In fact, some people even claim that he isn’t making nearly the amount of money he says he is at all. They say it’s all a clout marketing taken right out of Tai Lopez’s handbook. All his stories and all his ads are claimed to be fake as well.

John Reed: As a fellow patriot who’s disillusioned with the 9-5 “American Dream”, I’ve grown to loathe the self-help and “guru” industry.
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