My Lead Formula Review – Jason Wardrop (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

Jason Wardrop says he’s got an AI agency that’s making him like 5-figures per month. And in his YouTube ad, he says you can do this in just 10 minutes flat. No skills or past experience needed (Gee, where have we heard this before). Jason says it’s a lot different than what most guru’s preach (somehow I doubt that). They say you should find a small business owner and charge the $1500 per month for some Facebook ads and hope they stick around.

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He thinks that model is broken (honestly, it’s not…yet.). First you’ll need to know how to run ads (not really that hard), but he uses that point to segway into the fact that you’ll need some marketing or tech skills to do that (again, I disagree). But he says that noobs like you would be screwed from the start. And hey, even if you land a good client, best of luck keeping them on for $1500 when they’re only making back $500. Jason’s laughing at this point.

He thinks if you go the traditional agency route that you’ll never get it off the ground. That you’ll only be constantly gaining and losing clients with no end in site. “Like this is what sold me on the digital marketing agency from the get-go,” Jason recalls, “because I thought, ‘Okay, these gurus are saying to charge two thousand dollars a month for your services, if I go out and get five clients, I can make ten thousand dollars every single month.’ And I thought that sounded absolutely amazing.”

“And then I started going down that road, as most of you guys know that have been following me for a little while now, and it was an up and down roller coaster, right? Like I was charging fifteen hundred dollars per month at the time, and I’d get one client and be super excited. Then I’d get to three thousand a month, then forty-five hundred, and then I had one month where it was like six thousand. So I had four clients, and then like a month later I dropped all the way back down to fifteen hundred dollars a month.”

Jason Wardrop Arsenal Marketing

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

When you compare that to Jason’s alternative of selling SaaS, it’s like night and day, even if Jason’s cherrypicking a bit. After he reversed engineered some of the big boys in the space he came to the conclusion of two things. One, most are a software company at heart. Two, the average price of their customer relationship management system was only a couple hundred bucks per month, so that’s what he did. He leveraged SaaS wherever he could to rebuild his agency.

All you gotta do is land the clients and set them up with the features they want and they’ll happily pay you that couple hundred per month (I smell oversimplifying again). So that means you won’t be spending hours and hours setting up ad campaigns, no maintenance either. “And at three hundred dollars a month, it’s a price point these local businesses can actually afford,” Jason says. “Then what you can do is offer them two months free if they pay for a year up-front.”

In his YouTube ad he promises that if you get 3 thousand dollar sales, that after 3 months you’ll be pulling in $9,000 per month. I do ultimately agree with a lot of what he says, and the passivity of SaaS is nice, but I’m not sold on the fact that non-techie people like him can piece together a software that’s got any real value that small businesses would actually buy. But hey, who am I but some dude that just calls the BS when I see it. Check out Jason’s My Lead Formula for anything I may have missed.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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