Timothy Sykes Watchlist Review (Updated): Are Tim’s Alerts The Path To Riches?

When it comes to the OG guru space, Timothy Sykes is one of the most well known. He garnered his internet fame (whether positive or negative) from penny stocks and teaching how to make “passive” income with his trading strategies. He claims to have turned 12k into a whopping 5M. He promotes himself in a variety of areas, but you’re probably here because of one of his latest ads. An ad that starts of by saying “ I’ve been all over the media ’cause frankly I have a big mouth and I love talking about this stuff,” he admits. Scroll down for my full Tim Sykes review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Tim says that with his watchlist, he’ll send you whatever he believes to be the “hottest” future stocks. He boasts that one of these picks jumped up 126%…and another jumped by 231% after he mentioned them on his watchlist (which might I add…penny stock spikes would naturally happen if you encourage thousands of people into buying…anyways…) “Every single week, I’m gonna be sending you the top three stocks,” he explained in a new YouTube ad. “Now there are thousands of stocks out there, but I narrow it down to just the top three.” He positions for people that want to do day trading and not paper trading like the old days.

Of course, Timothy Sykes offers are clear in that this is totally free and that there are no strings attached (which I don’t totally buy) but he says he wants to give you value first so you’ll buy his stuff later. “I want to provide you value. I want to find you the hottest stocks in the market every single week. I wanna show you what I can do so that eventually you can sign up for my premium services too. I love it. I want you to be prepared, ahead of time, like very few people are,” And after all that said, he asks you to give him your email.

If you do choose to subscribe, you’ll be given a little crash course about penny stocks. In this series of videos he basically explains to you that most penny stocks are what every day people can buy to make their entry into the stock market and have their chance at striking it big as a penny stock trader. The good news is, the course is free. If you decide you don’t like it, all you have to do is unsubscribe.

Timothy Sykes Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Honestly, even though its free and doesn’t really hurt anyone…I don’t think it’s worth even your time. And I’ve got more than one reason. So the first is his testimonials. Sure, there’s a handful of people who’ve found success. But those are merely exceptions to the rule. The majority of people who ever try trading penny stocks lose money. Even investopedia says most penny stock traders find little success. Not to mention there are just so many scams in the penny stocks space it’s hard to tell anymore.

The second reason I’d run away from this is Tim’s reasoning. While yes, I can appreciate his honesty, I just don’t like it. He simply wants to sell you on his higher ticket offers. Which means he doesn’t necessarily care if you find financial success with his methods because his pockets are lined with your money either way. Steve Harvey wouldn’t like that, that’s for sure. Plus, when he’s charging 5k+ for these programs…it’s more than likely that’s where he’s getting the money for his lavish lifestyle…not trading penny stocks.

And lastly, there are SO MANY better ways to earn money than Timothy Sykes Watchlist and Tim Alerts that doesn’t require betting your life savings on some fly by night company with penny stock trading. For example, digital leasing. You can literally launch this business for $500 and turn one of these properties into a couple hundred per month of passive recurring income. Now sure, you might not get rich within 30 days like some other guys claim in all their other programs, but this business model is certainly a viable option that will allow you to eventually replace your 9-5. And I’m sure that’s all you’re really after. Who wants to take cringey bath pics like Tim Sykes anyway?

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

John Reed: As a fellow patriot who’s disillusioned with the 9-5 “American Dream”, I’ve grown to loathe the self-help and “guru” industry.
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