Chance Welton Reviews MM Student Success (Updated): The War On Your Wallet

Chance Anthony Welton decided to give us a sneak peak of student success through an interview with a student of his named Shane. Before he got into the Modern Millionaires Program, Shane had a 15 year career in radio. He basically had to cold call local businesses and pitch them ad space on air. That’s a pretty tough sale as you’d imagine. So when he saw and ad by Chance and Abdul on YouTube about setting up “online billboards”, Shane felt it looked a lot easier than his current job…so he ended up enrolling.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Shane hopped in right before Covid went down. Good thing too cuz he wound up being let go from his radio gig because of it. He wasn’t any worse for wear though. By that point he already had 13 clients paying clients and was doing about $30k each month. When he got laid off, he didn’t take a hit whatsoever. He tells us about his best client, a tech school with 3 campuses near his home in California. Shane managed to take over all their marketing and automate their system.

When it comes to expenses, Shane claims that he only has around $800 in overhead. But he doesn’t even care because that pales in comparison to the $30k. He doesn’t do the grunt work himself anymore and instead pays virtual assistants overseas to keep the wheels of his biz turning. It costs a little bit to do that, but it gives him the time freedom he was after. “I do, I farm a lot out,” Shane laughs. “It’s the whole middleman mentality. I’m just the face of everything, the project manager.”

Basically as long as everything gets done, leads flow, and clients are happy, Shane himself is happy. He’s able to go about his day doing whatever he wants, whether that’s spending time with the wife and kids, not being chained down to his laptop, or having a beer with the boys. And because of all that, he can focus on growing it. Not just keeping it afloat like so many others. Shane’s super thankful that he decided to take the plunge into Modern Millionaires. If he didn’t, I bet he’d be having a totally different convo with Chance right about now.

Chance Welton MM

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Don’t listen to the rest of the 99%. This post pandemic world is the perfect time to start an online business according to Shane. Sure, some niches have been hurt. But others are booming and there are some new industries that have been created all together. For example, he landed a yoga client. They’re transitioning to classes online to grow, and hundreds of others are doing the same to get more customers.

When Chance asked Shane to share some advice to future and current MM members he said. “Take it serious,” Shane replied. “Put your head down. Go through those modules. If you don’t understand it, go through it again. And just walk through the process. It’s all laid out for you. And, I mean, it’s gonna happen. If you follow those steps, and you continuously do what you need to do, [you will succeed].”

At the end of the interview Chance reminds everyone that knowing your numbers is key. You’ll have to inevitably plow through a bunch of no’s to get just 1 yes. Meaning you can’t give up after 5 people didn’t respond to your email. You might have to quite literally send thousands of emails to get a handful of responses that lead to maybe one client. Sounds like a lot of work? That’s cuz it is, but that’s also where technology and outsources come into play…

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