Successful Dropshipping Review (Updated): Is Evgeni Yordanov Legit?

You may have seen an ad on Facebook for something called Successful Dropshipping. It’s another one of those dropshipping programs that aims to teach you how to run your own store and earn mostly passive income. It was created by Evegeni Yordanov….I’ll give you a few chances to read that over to try and pronounce it. Anyway, let’s dive in and see if it’s the real deal. Scroll down for my full Successful Dropshipping review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

The ad starts out with a tagline that reads: “Do you want your store to look like this?” referring to the screenshot of a store in the ad that shows $22,292 in total sales. “Just imagine how you will feel! Take a look at the time frame! Such a quick turn! It’s not about the product, is all about the store management!”

Of course he’s not directly telling you this is something that is “get rich quick”…and I’m sure he’ll make sure to directly say that it isn’t in his sales funnel, but come on now…what are we supposed to think and feel when someone says “such a quick turn”. Right now I’m not seeing much that would separate him from all the other gurus selling dropshipping programs.

The ad continues: “Especially for dropshippers selling physical products via Google Shopping ads, who are grappling with financial losses or an ongoing lack of sustainable income without clear insight into the root causes of their struggles!” So I do have some respect for this statement here. Dropshipping is a hard business to succeed in long term and it is to suffer great financial losses if you don’t have the right blueprint.

Evgeni Yordanov Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

“A new and different approach to your business where we thoroughly examine every aspect of your dropshipping store and uncover the issues leading to constant failure! No more aimless searching for the root cause, no more costly marketing agencies, and no more redundant weekly coaching sessions!”

And with that he pitches us his Successful Dropshipping program and asks us to click over to his landing page. Upon landing on the page you are told that you should sign up for his “in-person” 2 hour meeting. I was pretty curious at that point, after all, in-person things are great and make everything feel so real. Unfortunately, it’s not an in person meeting at all.

Further reading shows that his “in person” meeting is actually just a 2 hour zoom call. The private meeting for Successful Dropshipping costs $99. That’s pretty disappointing…not gonna lie. Most gurus at least try to get you on a free strategy session before they pitch you their multi-thousand dollar course. For that reason alone I’m gonna go ahead and pass on recommending this one. Paying for a pitch? Yeah forget about it…

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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