Solar CEOs Reviews (Updated): Is Zain Jan Legit?

So, who is The Original King Of Solar, Zain Jan? He says he does over $100 Million per year with his “fastest growing” solar company in the United States.  If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own solar company, Is it possible to copy what he’s doing just by watching his presentations and listening to his pitch and double what he’s making in the next 3 months? Sounds like a bit of a reach doesn’t it? 

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Zain’s solar company, Better Earth Solar, is doing great! This year, He’s expecting to make more than seventy million dollars in sales. In just this month, they’re going to finish about four hundred deals. Half of these deals come from ads on the internet. What’s really cool is that almost all of their sales, like ninety percent, are done online through Zoom. Doing it this way, Zain can reach out to more people and make even more money.  He says that every dollar he spends in Facebook ads, he makes about $25 dollars back, which Isn’t a bad return if it’s true.

Better Earth Solar really seems to care about their customers, and this is shown with a lot of excellent reviews on Google. Even though their team works from different places across the country, they can still give great service to their customers, but getting to this point wasn’t easy. When he first got started, Zain had a hard time building a strong sales team, and spent a small fortune trying to figure things out.

Now, Zain has a great team of salespeople who work on commission. He gives them really good leads, and they have a culture and pay plan that makes them want to stick around. This mean Zain can enjoy being the CEO, spending time with his friends and family because he knows that every month his business will be stacking cash like clockwork. If something happened to Zain, his business would still be okay.

Is Zain Jan Legit

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

To see the kind of success that Zain has, first, get really good at your offer. Think about what made your neighbor or mother-in-law say yes to solar, and use that idea online. Second, don’t just stick to one place to find customers. Zain recommends using Google, YouTube, and Facebook. This way, you’re everywhere and can reach more people. Third, try using other well-known brands, like California Green Solar. This is a smart way to test your ads and messages without risking your main brand getting a bad review.

Now, it’s time to really understand who wants to buy solar. How old they are… Where they live… What scares and motivates them. Zain has some cool ads that can help you find customers without spending too much. Then, set up a great sales system. You’ll need a good CRM tool too, a system for making calls and setting appointments, a team calendar, sales scripts, ways to close deals over Zoom, and don’t forget to ask for referrals!

Lastly, you need great salespeople who are eager to learn, loyal, and consistent. This part is done online too. Zain has it all figured out. He’s got training guides, ways to teach your team, and even fun ways to recognize their hard work. It’s like a complete solar business kit. You can start today if you like, just keep in mind that Zain can’t work with everybody and it’s not cheap. The biggest roadblock you’ll run into with this will be the competition. 

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024