Zero Days To Expiration Review (Updated): Is Ernie Varitimos Legit?

Thinking about jumping into stock trading? I get it, it’s kind of like being the hero in a financial adventure movie.

The plot?

You, battling the dragons of the stock options market, armed with your trusty laptop and a cup of coffee.

The twist?

This game can turbo-boost your bank account. You’re not just making money; you’re getting a crash course in Economics 101, live!

But here’s the deal, You’re not going to be wheeling and dealing like Gordon Gekko and Bud Fox in Wall Street, or like Jordan Belfort and Donnie Azoff in The Wolf Of Wall Street.

One day you’re up, the next you’re wondering why you didn’t just hide your cash under a mattress. And forget about “set it and forget it” – this is more “set it, watch it, fret about it, and maybe forget to sleep.

But for those who love a good challenge, stock trading could be that adrenaline rush you’re looking for – just remember that sometimes the hero has to face a few plot twists before the happy ending.

And this is what we’re going to be talking about in this Zero Days To Expiration review.

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Now, I know a lot of you folks would really just like to get right into the nuts and bolts of the topic rather than reading through a bunch of fluffy content, so I want to help you answer some of the more pressing questions like: 

  • What Is Zero Days To Expiration? 
  • Who Is Ernie Varitomos? 
  • How Much Does It Cost? 
  • What Do You Get? 
  • Are There Better Options In 2024? 

But, before we jump into these questions, I’d like to give you a quick set of Pros and Cons about 0DTE options trading strategies: 


  • Short Time Frame: Trades close within a day, which reduces the risk of being affected by overnight market changes.
  • Potential for Quick Profits: Offers the opportunity for fast gains due to the short expiration of options, which means more money in your pocket.
  • Lower Capital Requirement: This generally requires less capital compared to longer-term trading strategies, so you don’t need to tie up as much money.


  • High Risk: The short time frame can lead to rapid fluctuations in option prices, which means increasing risk.
  • Requires Active Management: Traders need to constantly monitor the market, so your decisions must be made quickly.
  • Complexity: This investment strategy can be complicated for beginners, which will require a good understanding of options trading.

Now, let’s talk about Ernie Varitimos’ program… 

What Is Zero Days To Expiration? 

Ernie Varitimos’ program “Zero Days To Expiration” (0DTE) is designed for traders who are interested in a specific type of options trading strategy. 

Zero-day options have become pretty popular in recent years, as traders shoot for the moon. The number of options contracts that traders opened on the same trading day soared 60% from January 2022 to January 2023, according to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

This strategy involves trades that have a very short time frame, closing within the same day, which can be appealing for those looking to make quick decisions and potential profits without the risk of holding positions overnight.

The program focuses more towards traders who have a good grasp of the market and can manage the high-risk and fast-paced nature of this trading style. 

It’s not as suitable for beginners due to its complexity and the need for active, constant market monitoring.

Ernie’s claims center around the effectiveness of the 0DTE strategy in generating quick profits with less capital investment compared to longer-term strategies. 

However, you really need to consider the high risk associated with the rapid fluctuations in option prices.

 Ernie also runs a website,, which provides resources and information related to this trading strategy and hosts a podcast where he discusses various elements of trading, including strategies like 0DTE, offering insights and experiences from his career in trading.

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Who Is Ernie Varitomos? 

Ernie Varitimos has a diverse background but he mainly focuses on both technology and finance. 

His resume includes a great deal of experience in algorithmic trading and financial technology (fintech), where he uses mathematical and statistical processes to make his trading decisions, run experimental hedge funds and manage nine-figure portfolios. 

As a former consultant for Apple and chief technologist of a fortune 50 company, he combines his tech know-how with his interest in the financial markets. 

This odd combination of technology and financial genius pretty much showcases his approach to trading and contributes to his unique reputation in the industry.

How Much Does It Cost? 

Ernie offers several programs for 0DTE options trading. The options course costs $297, while the VIP coaching program is priced at $6,000 per year. 

Also, there’s a customized coaching with a lifetime plan available for $10,000. Each program is designed to cater to different levels of trading experience.

I know all this sounds pretty steep, but Ernie does offer a 30-day money back guarantee. 

What Do You Get? 

The 0DTE Options Trading Blueprint by Ernie Varitimos offers a comprehensive package for those interested in options trading. Here’s what you get:

  • In-Depth Training: You learn about options trading from basic to advanced level.
  • Trading Strategies: Guidance on specific trading methods.
  • Access to a Community: Join others learning about options trading.
  • Trade Alerts: Get notified about potential trades.
  • Webinars and Q&A Sessions: Live learning opportunities.

Whether this program is worth buying or not depends on your interest and commitment to learning options trading. If you’re serious about this, the Blueprint offers valuable resources and community support. But it’s important to remember that trading can be extremely risky, so make sure it aligns with your financial goals and learning style.

Are There Better Options In 2024? 

In stock trading, taking big risks is common. You might dream of striking it rich and retiring early, but it’s very stressful and the market volatility can take a huge toll on you mentally. 

The success stories you hear don’t mention all the losses that happen due to a lack of risk management, and not everyone is built for that kind of a challenge.

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