Partner With Anthony Review – Anthony Morrison (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

I feel like I see Anthony Morrison promoting some new biz opp every week. This time it’s something he calls “Partner With Anthony” (pwa). I’m writing this after seeing his YouTube ad for it. Pretty genius angle he’s going for: “Selling on Amazon is hard; affiliate marketing, which you’d be doing if you partner with him, is not.” Plus, who wouldn’t wanna partner with someone that dwarfs the mega millions lottery? But not so fast, there’s some key things you’ll wanna know before joining. Scroll down for my Partner With Anthony review.

The Only Solution

Unlike the other gurus out there that act like affiliate marketing is some brand new thing, Anthony doesn’t. It’s a simple model. You refer customers to a business in exchange for a cut of the action. Most people like it because of how hands off it is. No branding, no billing, no support, no hiring, no firing, no real business headaches to deal with. Just focus on the traffic. That’s why affiliate marketing is so appealing for beginners seeking that free lifestyle. Question is, what you should promote?

The best thing that most people go to are digital products like courses and softwares because there’s basically no overhead for the company in the first place. This means that they’ll be able to pay you more and still rake in dough themselves. Anthony is one of these companies. Inside his PWA program he’ll teach you the basics of affiliate marketing and incentivize you to go make him more sales. Caught him…Sounds MLM’y huh?

But hey, I can’t say I hate his plan. Most people join network marketing & affiliate marketing programs because as beginners they get to skip the stress of all the headaches that come with running a business. With these models you can succeed with far less skills. In fact, Anthony says you basically just need one. And that’s to get good at driving targeted traffic to a high converting offer. If you can do that, it’s like printing money straight into your account.

Anthony Morrison Affiliate Marketing

The Only Solution

Anthony Morrison is one of the best internet marketers to date. So you wouldn’t think twice about his offer and how well it must convert. Meaning I get why people like you or I would wanna join. Especially when you consider how affordable it is. It’s pretty low risk at just $97 one time or $7 per month, assuming he doesn’t to push you to buy all his other high ticket stuff…cough cough.

I wouldn’t blame anyone for giving it a go. The only caution sign I’ll wave in front of you is the low barrier to entry. The lower something like that is, the more competitive it’s going to be. I mean seriously, who doesn’t have just $7 to buy PWA? And if you and thousands of others are going to get the strategies, messaging, and landing pages…how are you going to stand out and make the sale over someone else?

It won’t take too long for you and everyone else that spent $7 to be fighting over scraps. Look, I don’t think Anthony Morrison and his affiliate marketing program are bad. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t consider his products. But what I am saying is that you need to be realistic going in. You’ll have no choice but to become really good at drive quality traffic to make good money. And let’s be real, if his tens of thousands of students were making tens of thousands each, he’d have a hundred million per month company. Anthony Morrison is good, but he ain’t that good folks. There aren’t enough buyers to support the majority of people succeeding.

The Only Solution

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