The Arbor Academy Reviews (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

The Arbor by Chad Kimball has most likely popped up on your YouTube videos that you’re trying to watch. It might even be the one screenshot above this paragraph. Either way, his ads go on and on about how his 15 year old daughter is stacking money in the bank with his Google Maps System. Then you got curious and found yourself googling “The Arbor Academy Reviews”, shoot, that’s probably how you got here anyway.

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Chad Kimball is no stranger to online reputations. With his savvy internet marketing know how, he knows that even one bad review of could cost him dearly…

So what does this ole’ internet badass do? He actually get’s one over on the critics – by running Google ads for these types of negative phrases.

Then when someone like you decides to get curious and do some due dilligence, searching for terms like “thearboracademy reviews”, “arbor academy reddit”, “the arbor academy scam”, or even “thearboracademy cost,” the first thing they’ll see is this bad boy:

Arbor Academy Ad Review Funnel

And since that’s what you wanted to see, you click on it. And Chad is right there waiting to greet you:

Chad Kimball Arbor Academy

You press play on the video and it’s hook line and sinker. He walks you through the positive reviews only. He controls the narrative and backstory of what he wants you to think of him. BAM, now Chad controls the narrative. And if he does his job good enough, he might just turn you into a lead for his Google Maps Course.

Arbor Academy Review Opt In

And in one home run swing, you’ve gone from skeptic to prospect. I gotta give chad a round of applause here. Well done Chaddo. Thanks to his little damage control operation, he’s now getting a couple more high ticket closes that might not otherwise have had if they listened to haters, competitors, or anyone else who wrote negatively about him online.

I’m seeing an uptick in the amount of “experts” who are using this strategy. And while I can’t say that I blame them for wanting to protect their reputation, some people may not like it when they find out they’re being controlled yet again…For an Arbor Academy alternative, check out my solution.

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