BAM University Reviews – Joshua T Osborne (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

You may have seen some ads around Facebook and YouTube promoting this guy named Joshua T Osborne and his business model “digital real estate”. What is it? Is there a lot of competition? How much does it cost? Is it a scam or is it legit? All these questions and more will be answered below. Scroll down for my full BAM University Review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Well to start, BAM stands for Bad Ass Marketers and it’s a full stack marketing program that aims to get you your own passive income through your own lead generation business. Personally, I really like that business model. Lead generation is super important, especially for local small business owners. Without leads, many service based businesses can’t keep their doors open.

Where BAM University and Joshua T Osborne separate themselves from everyone else in the industry is that they focus on the end goal being generating leads from free traffic. This is accomplished by getting your own website ranking to the top of page one on Google. Other courses like Douglas James Marketing or Local Marketing Vault teach lead generation as well, but they only us paid ads. That model just doesn’t work long term because of rising ad costs. With Organic lead generation, all your leads are generated for free. It just takes a little time to rank.

So how do you make that happen? Josh has in depth training that shows you all the off page SEO and on page SEO needed to rank your site to the top of your local area. The cool part about all this is that you can basically do it for free. Like actually free. Setting up your website does cost money, maybe $9.99 for a year for a domain name, but you can do the search engine optimization yourself for free. The pay offs for this are massive because your overhead will be extremely low.

Joshua T Osborne Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Now back to the training and what you get. Remember the “full stack” thing I mentioned earlier? Josh shows you how to do SEO, run Facebook ads, and rank GBP’s. He believes that to be a “bad ass marketer” you’ve got to know how to do it all. Personally, that’s what I think separates this program from everything else. Other guru’s focus on just 1 thing. Josh makes sure that you’re good at all of them. Something else that separates BAM University from everything else is their support. They have a private Facebook group that is always active with people always getting answers to their questions. They have live coaching calls 4 times per week and coaches will even hop on zooms with students 1 on 1. There’s no other programs that I’m aware of that will do that.

And what about Josh, who is he? Can you trust him? Josh is pretty forth coming about his past. He grew up in Oregon, did some time in the slammer and came out a changed man. What it really came down to was Josh getting some good mentors in his life that changed his mindset and worldview. He had always had a “they’re out to get me” mindset when he was younger. It wasn’t until some people took interest in his life later on that he changed. When he got out of prison, he moved to Colorado and started what would go on to be the states largest moving company. He even landed the military contracts! But he was working 14hr+ days every day with lots of heavy lifting. Sure, he made good money, but it wasn’t the quality of life he wanted. So he sold the company to a friend and started his own lead generation business. This was a much more passive route. It took some upfront work and time, but after a few years he had built a 7-figure passive income. Because of how others took interest in his life and mentored him, Josh decided to start BAM University so he could impact people like you and me in the same manner. And boy has he!

The cost of BAM University isn’t officially listed anywhere, you’d have to hop on a call for that one. But one thing is for sure, the business model and the opportunity are the real deal. Digital Real Estate and renting out little local websites is the future of wealth creation, and Joshua T Osborne is more than capable of getting you there. I say go for it!

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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