Automatic Cash Cars Review (Updated): Is Denise Legit?

Basically the way this Automatic Cash Cars program comes off is as if it’s promoting the AirBnB of the car industry. People list their cars on this app, collect the rent, and repeat it over and over. If it works out, you just might be able to make more money doing this than your current job.

There’s investors starting this business up left and right apparently according to a chick name Denise on a FB ad. Let’s be real, it sounds kind of shady and played up, almost as if she’s an actor hired off Fiverr.

But she goes on and continues to talk, mentioning that the average car payment is $600 per month in the US without insurance being applied.

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Sure, even worst case scenario you could earn $50 per day for just one car. That’s still $1500 per month! Not to mention some of the better cars can net you $2-6000 each month.

Even if you’re on the low end of just $1500, you monthly payment is only $600, and maybe another $200 for other expenses, and you see a $700 profit wouldn’t ya know?

Now let’s think scale. Think five cars. At minimum that’s still $3,500 per month. Keep in mind if you had nicer cars, that number would grow exponentially.

Just imagine if you own the car outright or if you eventually pay it off…those profits go skyrocketing.

It’s almost like you’re getting paid to own your dream car according to Denise.

But here’s the thing…it’s not like you’re actually enjoying it for yourself. A bunch of strangers who are beating on it 24/7 are enjoying it and not caring one lick to drive the car properly.

So yeah, if that’s what you think of when it comes to owning your dream car, then yeah it’s the exact same.

“Once you set it up, the whole process can be completely automated and passive,” she adds.

“If you’ve tried making money online before but it didn’t work, it might not be your fault. Maybe you are just not interested enough in the things you are pursuing. Or maybe it just took too long. Try renting cars online instead,” she pitches.

She thinks you’ll fall in love with the hustle and that the extra cash will push you that much harder to pursue your passions.

Denise Automatic Cash Cars Reviews

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

Denise claims that if you think of it from an investment standpoint, car rentals will give you a much better ROI compared to anything else like housing and crypto.

“It’s 100% safe”…yeah…right…until Turo tells you that they’re not gonna pay you out for their customers crashed Altima…

“You won’t hear this from big car rental companies like Hertz, Enterprise and National. They’re too busy making money by renting cars right now. Why do you think every airport you go to, every street you go to, every time you turn on the TV, there’s Enterprise, National, Hertz, or any other car rental company? Well, it’s because they’re making billons per year,” she preaches.

Plus, it’s not like their customer service is all that great especially if you get pawned off to their insurance company.

So, where do ya get screwed?

Automatic Cash Cars offers a six module course that shows you the business model step by step. It covers location, growing your fleet, protecting your cars, and the tricks of the 1% in the rental game.

Automatic Cash Cars costs $297.

That’s a fairly decent price.

Now sure, can you make money on Turo? Yes. But is it and will it ever be passive income? No. There is nothing passive about the car rental market.

You’ll be worried 24/7 and having to deal with all sorts of rude customers who think they can treat YOUR same car like THEIR toy and the biggest concern would be that in my book. Not to mention all the maintenance, vehicle pickups, drop offs, and the entire process is just going to be a huge pain.

One things for sure…you wouldn’t catch me putting my favorite car on there. No sirry bob and tom.

Not to mention I could make $700+ per month with building websites without have to jump into gut wrenching car loans on used cars constantly worrying about vehicle reliability.

To each their own…

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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