Productized Profits Review – Lucas Lee-Tyson (Update): The War on Your Wallet!

I‘m sure you remember seeing his ads from his college dorm room. Because that’s where Lucas Lee Tyson started Growth Cave. Back then he only had $50 to his name. Today? He apparently have a full digital marketing agency and his goal is to become the number one provider of Facebook and YouTube ads training and consulting in the US. Scroll down for my full review of his Productized Profits course.

The Only Solution

I can’t remember the last time I didn’t see this little squirt on my screen, telling me how he hates gurus, lambos, mansions, and he himself makes a “reasonable” 250k per year online with just 7 hours week. Then like Obi Wan and Anakin I can’t help but think “you have become the very thing you swore to destroy” as he pitches his program, Productized Profits, like every other guru ever. On a moral level, I just can’t trust him after such blatant hypocrisy. Deal breaker. But if you can get past that and aren’t as jaded as me, let’s take a look at what you’ll get with Productized Profits.

Productized Profits is marketed as an all in one program that has everything you need to grow your “productized” online business and land a client in just 1 months time. Of course, Lucas Lee Tyson emphasizes that you don’t need any experience or tech skills to make it work for you. So here’s what you’ll get.

  • A six-module video course
  • ClientBolt software suite
  • The Productized Business mastermind community (a private Facebook group where you can ask questions)
  • Live Q&A calls twice weekly
  • Lifetime updates

So brass tax. What does Productized Profits cost? Productized Profits cost $1497 upfront or 3 “easy” payments of $597. He says you’ll have his 30 day “action based” guarantee. Basically you’ll have to show him that you tried everything in his course and if you didn’t you won’t get your money back. Sure, it’s better than no refund, but it’s basically no refund since it’ll take more than 30 days to try all his methods.

Another reason why I don’t trust him, and maybe you don’t either, is Lucas’s literal lack of experience. He made $250k online and then immediately started selling the how to. He might use “battle tested” a lot in his marketing, but let’s be real, he’s going off a few months with his methods…not years…so can they really be labeled as battle tested? He just barely crossed 6-figures personally and we’re supposed to believe he’s the one to listen to on everything digital marketing?

Lucas Lee Tyson Productized Profits

The Only Solution

Lucas Lee Tyson doesn’t even specify how he’ll help you land a client. I assume you already know deep down that businesses are hit with a bunch of spammy ‘so called’ digital marketers that say “We’ll get you ranked in Google.” “I’ll run your Facebook ads.” “Only pay when you get leads.”. These businesses have been burned for years, why would they give you a shot? The Productized Profits webinar just totally skipped over all these valid points.

Lucas will inevitably be showing you how to run a Facebook ads business model & social media marketing agency in his cookie cutter way. But look, let’s say you’re a reasonable person looking to just make 5k per month online…There’s no guarantee that your ads will even convert or be profitable. You could lose hundreds or thousands of dollars for yourself and the client in the process. Is it worth the risk to you?

If you’d feel much better about building a business completely off free traffic; from a guy that’s been putting in 80 hour weeks for the last 10 years; who’s got a surefire system for complete newbies to land deals; you’ll probably wanna take a closer look at what it is we do. Check it out in the link below.

The Only Solution


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