Blake Choisnet Reviews (Updated): Is 90 Day Rental Roadmap Legit?

You may have seen Blake Choisnet in some ads on social media promoting his 90 Day Rental Roadmap course. He was able to build a multi-million dollar portfolio and quit his job within just 18 months with pretty much no real estate experience. Since then, he’s helped over 60 people acquire 100+ homes with more than 10 million in value. If you’re looking to generate passive income through rental properties while also working your full-time career, this might be for you. Scroll down for my full Blake Choisnet review.

The Only Solution

“I wanna tell you why I do this,” he says in his overview video on 90 Day Rental Roadmap. “See, I started exactly where you are now. I worked hard. I got a good job. I kept working hard because I was taught that if you work hard, good things’ll happen to you. That’s just not the case. You can’t just work hard. You also have to work smart. And I knew that in some ways. But I didn’t know how. So I kept slaving away at my corporate job, keeping my head down and grinding.”

“I was always hoping for that next raise or promotion,” he continues. “I ended up buying my first house and renting it out to my buddies. This wasn’t some grand investing strategy; I just thought it was probably a smart idea to buy a house. So I did that, and my three friends I was renting it to ended up covering the mortgage. I was still living there, rent-free. And so this is when my first epiphany came. ‘If I just bought one house a year and put the house on a 15-year note, and have the mortgage covered by rent? In 15 years, I’ll have one house paid off every year for the rest of my life.’”

After that Blake has two paths to take. One, he could enjoy all the cashflow or two, refinance the loan and take 80% of that equity and just live off it. Plus, if the house is price doubles every 15 years, the 300k house is gonna be worth 600k by the time it’s paid off. Now if he were to refinance, he could pull out $480,000 and do that every year for the foreseeable future with the “one house a year” plan. Sounds pretty sweet huh?

90 Day Rental Roadmap Review

The Only Solution

He did just that for the first couple years until he ran out of cash to cover all the 20% down payments. When he ran out, he realized he needed a more sustainable approach. His solution was investing in a market that was geared towards cash flow. “If I wanted to quit my job sooner, I needed cash flow,” Blake says. “And so I came to learn that every market is one and only one of three things. It’s either a cash flow market; it’s an appreciation market; or it’s neither of them. So I started investing in a cash flow market using low or no money down strategies.”

Blake had enough when a contractor screwed him over. He finally decided to hire and mentor and that turned out to be the best decision he ever made because he hadn’t lost money on another deal since then. The most important piece to note though is that over that next 18 months…he successfully grew a multi-million dollar portfolio that makes enough cash flow to cover his monthly expenses. He was finally happy and free. An average joe turned self made millionaire. He didn’t do it perfectly by any means, he made plenty of mistakes. But that’s a good thing right? That means you can do it too, especially with his help.

“Now, what I do is I spend my time teaching other people my secret formula,” Blake finishes with. “To help them create the passive income they need to spend their time however they wish. And I love doing it. I genuinely enjoy every moment of it. I personally am on a mission to lead people towards freedom. That’s my life’s mission. I genuinely believe that. I use real estate to help others realize the benefits of financial freedom.” There’s no mention of the 90 day rental roadmap cost anywhere. Personally I think he’s overselling the whole “I was called to do this” bit. At least be honest and admit that the money in coaching is a part of your motivation…

The Only Solution

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