Collins Ecom Review (Updated): Is Jacob Collins Legit?

Are you wondering who this young gun Jacob Collins is that’s been popping up on your Facebook feed? What exactly is he offering? Is it right for you? “Want to know an ecommerce secret only 1% of store owners are currently utilizing, allowing you to drive traffic and get sales before spending a penny on ads?” says Jacob. Scroll down for my full Collins Ecom review.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

“Before I made my first successful brand 4 years ago I was struggling with my dropshipping business for months and was on the verge of giving up.” Jacob continues. “I was working 40+ hours a week while I was still in high school, delivering packages for UPS. I worked between classes, and after school, running from the UPS truck to the doorstep dropping off packages, and its easy to say, that was a dead end job. I tried ecommerce for 2 and half years and had to keep working my delivery job just to fund the next ad campaign, only for me to get no sales…”

Sounds like a story a lot of us can identify with. Working hard, getting very little money for our efforts, and feeling like we’re stuck in a dead in. Not to mention trying to pick up secondary side-hustles and falling flat on our face. Jaco says that “led me to questioning everything and eventually turning the entire dropshipping model upside down, breaking all the rules and freeing me from the chains of the old ways.”

I’m sure we all know what that feels like…being at our wits end and just throwing crap at a wall and seeing what sticks. That’s exactly what Jacob did and it looks like that really worked for him. “After several months of trial-and-error, testing everything and figuring things out the hard way – without anyone guiding me I’ve finally reached a point where I made $30k-$55k per month and had the financial freedom I’ve dreamt of since being a little kid.”

Jacob Collins Review

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

So what differentiates Collins Ecom from all the other ecom courses and models? He says all you gotta do is sell great products, launch stores in one day, and have high profit margins. Hmmm that kinda all sounds like common sense and a bit like he’s breezing over everything to make it sound as if it’s easier than it really is.

He does have some success stories. He actually has 1300 students that he says are successful and 14 of those are 7 figure store owners. Now here’s the uncomfortable truth about that. Usually gurus just take how many students they have in the course and say they’re all successful even though most of the time they haven’t made their first buck.

Secondly, just because you have a 7-figure store doesn’t mean you’re making a million bucks. The profit margin in ecom is typically just 10%. So we’re really looking at 14 people out of 1300 that are PROFITING 100k per year…that changes things huh? Collins Ecom costs $9.95. I’m sure that there’s gonna be upsells for hundrds and thousands of dollars later on. But if you’re dead set on ecom, this may not be a bad option. But if you DON’T wanna risk not being one of the 14 truly successful students, you might find my solution more appealing.

My #1 Recommendation For Making Money Online In 2024

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