Digital Millionaire Secrets – Dan Henry (Updated): The War On Your Wallet!

Apparently Dan Henry has 5 keys to scale your digital product. Whether it’s a course, coaching program, or mastermind. He claims that these same 5 keys are what allowed him to scale his own e-biz to over 15,000 customers. If you’re trying to make your company easier to run, make people feel bad for not buying from you, cut back on refunds, and support tickets…he might be worth listening to. Especially when it comes to conversions where he says you can double it if you do away with 90% of your funnel. Is this fact or crap? Keep reading for my full Digital Millionaire Secrets review.

The Only Solution

I have mixed feelings about Dan Henry. On one hand, he’s extremely brash and tells it how it is. Lord knows I’m just as brash. And he’s got a unique dorky look to him that doesn’t exactly make me wanna punch his face just looking at it. Perhaps his most redeeming quality is that he doesn’t brag about his millions in the bank and he humbly admits when he does mess something up. What I’m not a fan of though is that he can be a bit to marketer-ish at times and can totally just forget we’re humans and not dollar signs. But if you can get past all that, and you’re here to stay in the digital marketing space, he does have some good info for ya.

The first secret he presents is to do what’s called a “scale test”. Create a minimum viable product, fast, and run traffic to it and see if it sells. If it does sell, how well did it do? What was the ROAS? He says you want to see an 8x return ideally. If it’s only 2-3x what you put in, it’ll work for a little bit, but your margins will slowly turn into nothing as the spend grows. Acquisition cost is notorious for going up when you put the pedal to the floor with paid ads.

Dan Henry

The Only Solution

His next key is to charge high HIGH ticket. Yep, he says that charging high weeds out the lower level people. If people choose to invest a good amount with you, they’re more invested and more likely to get results, leave you alone, and post a positive review every once in a while. It’s also more efficient this way. You will likely gross less, but you’ll net more because there will be far less chargebacks and refunds. This is the essential approach to achieving millionaire status.

The third secret is to switch things up to a simpler funnel. No outdated webinar. That stuff is just too techie and requires people to jump through far too many hoops before hearing your pitch. In fact, Dan actually prefers ad to opt-in instead of to video. I say I’d have to agree. Hell, even we’ve removed the opt-in. Anything you can do to make it easier and more convenient for your prospects the better right?

If you want secrets four and five, poke around and maybe apply for Dan’s Digital Millionaire coaching program on this website. As you can imagine in the guru space, Dan isn’t upfront about his price before the call. And if secret two is anything to go off of, you can imagine that it’s not super cheap. It may very well be a good investment though. Assuming you’re someone who can package up their expertise and sell it for thousands of dollars. Not everyone is though…

The Only Solution

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